Monday, March 5, 2012

The Cato Institute Gravy Train

Why the big battle against the Kochs by Cato insiders? Is it principle or fear of an end to the gravy train?

The 2010 Cato IRS Form 990 filing shows the income of top Cato employees, many of whom would likely be fired if the Koch brothers gain majority control of the Institute.

From the 990:

Ed Crane 2010 compensation =  $453,918 (plus another non-w2 $33,399)

David "The Elevator Talker" Boaz 2010 compensation- $245,625 (plus another non-w2 $22,950)

And others:

Click for larger view.

Who the hell else would pay Crane and Boaz anything close to this?


  1. I stopped paying any mind to Cato years ago when I was presented with an alternative view of libertarianism through Lew Rockwell. It makes me blush to admit that I once supported a purportedly libertarian think tank that thinks Social Security should be privatized, whereupon it becomes libertarian, even though government force directs one's use of one's own money. Hopefully, this fight will expose Cato for what it really is.

  2. The over-staffing and sloppy work performance in the public sector is the subject of countless jokes, which would not be funny if they did not contain a strong element of truth.