Thursday, March 29, 2012

CIA Agent Goes Rogue on Twitter

By Eli Lake

Lynnae Williams has a beef with the CIA—and she’s using her Twitter account to tell the world about it. In the process, Eli Lake reports, she may be disclosing a few details the agency would rather not publicize.

The Twitter feed belonging to Lynnae Williams at first glance looks like most Twitter feeds. There are tweets about what she is reading (“Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” “Madame Bovary”); tweets about politics (leans towards the Occupy movement); and tweets about food (tuna casserole, carrot-cake muffins).

But on closer inspection, the feed features something rare for Twitter and even the Internet: detailed disclosures about the CIA. On Tuesday for example, Williams tweeted, “The #Farm is #CIA's training center near #Williamsburg, Virginia. I think it's the Kisevalter Center or something.”

In other tweets, Williams, who in 2009 spent nearly four months training to be a CIA spy, details her own experiences with CIA case officers, psychiatrists and the special security division of the agency that serves as the CIA’s police force. In short, Lynnae Williams since late February has been disclosing details of her brief CIA career in 140 characters or less.

I caught up with the 35-year-old would-be spy on Wednesday at the Washington mission for the Palestine Liberation Organization. She was interviewing for a job there in government and press relations. “The interview went well,” she said, even though “I don’t have substantial knowledge in the area. I don’t speak the language.” Williams, who does speak Japanese, added, “I don’t know enough about the [Arab-Israeli] conflict, but I hope they resolve it.”

Williams says she began tweeting because she wanted an outlet to tell the world about her disputes with the CIA and what she calls a pattern of corruption at the agency. She also publishes a blog called CIA corrupt. “I wanted to start the Twitter account with my blog to get out my message,” she says.

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Sample Tweets:

Her Twitter account is here.

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  1. I don't trust the CIA, which means that I certainly don't trust "ex"CIA whistleblowers. I think that the Agency coordinates many of these outspoken critics to create distraction and frame the narrative in ways that obscure what's really going on. I'd do the same thing if I were them. It just makes sense.

    Worse, people (foolishly) trust them, thinking that common enmity means common goals. If I ran the PLO's Washington office, I wouldn't hire her, because it's unclear what her real motives are.

    Isn't it interesting how some of these people get big-media promotion whilst others don't? Sybil Edmonds didn't, this lady does. That's something that makes me go hmmm.