Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Fascinating Gang of Elitist Insiders Surrounding the World Trade Center Towers

No smoking guns, but very suspicious characters none the less. A must watch.


  1. This must pre-date the exoneration of Hatfield?

  2. What a tangled web! Fascinating and disgusting.

    You are a busy, busy fellow, Bob. But, there is a possibility that, like Apollo, 9/11 was a big, choreographed, staged drama. Hard to believe, but this video is fascinating, and convincing, to me.

  3. High finance runs out of Manhattan, and it's super politicized. You swing a dead cat on that island, you're going to hit a bunch of super-connected people. It isn't surprising that the largest office building there has some, too.

    1. Why did Kissinger resign from the 9/11 comission?

  4. One just doesn't want to believe that some dweebie, control freaks would do such insane things. Then again, these are the clowns who think "war is peace" and "people are pawns."

    Matt makes a good point, but, at the same time, the demolition of building 7 is absolutely absurd. How do you order the demolition of a building within 24 hrs? Do property owners have all buildings wired for instantaneous demolition?

  5. This is probably the best video I've seen on 9/11 truth. Although he puts a LOT of information into such a short time. You don't really get a chance to breathe. I'll have to watch this again sometime.