Friday, March 16, 2012

Gasoline Price is $4 or More for Almost One-Third of Drivers

After a 31-cent jump in the past month, regular gasoline averages $3.82 nationwide. But price analysis of major metropolitan areas and 10 states — home to more than 65 million of the nation's 210 million drivers — shows even more pain at the pump, especially in heavily populated California, New York and Illinois, reports USA Today.

Prices average $4.36 a gallon in California and average $4.76 in Chicago.


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  2. I believe you meant $3.76 a gallon in Chicago. Since I live in the suburbs and do not have to pay the Crook County tax (not a typo on my part) perhaps it is $4.76 since the least expensive I have seen is $3.95.

  3. Clearly this is temporary and clearly the fed needs to do more qe to help struggling consumers afford more expensive gas!!!

    Duh. Krugman would agree with me.