Monday, March 26, 2012

"I Could Look Like George Zimmerman"

President Obama's comment, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," is one curious statement for a President of the United States, who is a supposed Constitutional scholar. It borders on inciting angry man justice and panders to the lowest unthinking masses in America. Instead of using the incident as a "teaching moment", to teach that facts are gathered around a possible crime and, if determined necessary, decided in court before an impartial jury as to guilt or innocence, the President says nothing close. He panders to the angry crowd.

I have no idea what went on between Zimmerman and Trayvon. Let the facts come out. But the facts, to date, suggest there is more than one side to this story. Far from being a racist, Zimmerman's lawyer says Zimmerman mentored black youth. On CNN, Zimmerman's lawyer also said that Zimmerman had a broken nose and a huge gash on the back of his head, suggesting a pretty violent struggle.

On the recording of a 911 call, repeated cries of “help” can be heard before the gunshot. A witness says those cries were made by Zimmerman who was on the ground being beaten by Martin.

Again, I hold no opinion as to what happened. all the facts need to come out.

But, while Obama may fear for a son he doesn't have, who might look like Trayvon. I fear the continuing collapse of rule based on the Constitution and in the ideals it tried to shape, especially via the Bill of Rights. Crowd hysteria, politically correct hate, envy and massive creeping moves toward central planning means many of us could in the future be trampled and look like George Zimmerman, probably worse.


  1. He wants to get back the black votes he's losing to Ron Paul. He's betting that emotional appeal usurps rationality. Unfortunately he's probably right.

    "I look like you, and so would my unborn son. So vote for me."

  2. Spot on. The president tried this before with the Skip Gates brou-ha-ha. He ended up with egg on his face there. The potential for that to happen again here is high as well.

  3. From what I have read, it sounds like Z initiated the altercation (i.e. pursued M, despite 911 instructions not to) and resorted to shooting when he was losing the fight. I don't have any specific knowledge of whether this is the case or not. The very fact that Z called 911 indicates he did not intend to commit any crime.

    I think this should mostly be a case about self-defense, what it means to "stand your ground", and secondarily about "racial profiling" in general. From the information available, it seems like Z made a poor decision to pursue M, and an even poorer decision to shoot M. He should probably be criminally liable for the 2nd decision given the 1st.

  4. Is there a Cheny Trayvon connection?

  5. i imagine this was nothing more than a gaffe. you know how bad he is at speeches, and nobody could have seriously written that for him. the president tried to say something off the cuff, but since all black people look the same to him, it didn't come out right.

    being human, he's entitled to think and speak like that, as are we all. racism doesn't always come from hate, though it is at least an expression of preserving a group identity to belong to -- which can raise questions.

    as an official in a public office, of course, this is despicable. that, in this situation, a man dares to think of himself as black or white before he thinks of himself as president proves the case there is no democracy in america for the rest of the world. now more than ever, we look like total asshats.

  6. Well said, Bob. And this is the second time the instigator in chief made a stupid statement before knowing all the facts. Putting his horrid politics aside, Obama is truly a low life POS. Post Racial indeed...BTW, if Obama had a boy, he'd look like Steve Urkel

    1. Actually if Obama "Had a son" it would most likely look like one of Michelle's friends.Can you envision Obama having sex with a woman?

  7. I don't know what you look like since there is not a photo to be found of you on your website or anywhere on the web?

    But you better pray you don't look like Zimmy boy b/c there is a bounty placed on this Jewish/Hispanic -

  8. Please Wenzel, give me a break!

    If a black man had stalked a white man and shot him dead - he would be on death row.

    So, it doesn't matter what Obama said, Zimmerman should NOT be walking around a free man.

    He should have been arrested and a jury of his peers should decide his fate.

    The ONLY reason there is so much uproar amongst blacks and whites (including me a white man) is that the racist/incompetent police chief let Zimmerman go home at shooting a black unarmed kid.

    I challenge any one to tell me that this situation is not racist!

    1. You have no factual evidence that anything was racially motivated or not since you are not privy to the facts of the case. Its simply your opinion. You state the police were driven by racial intentions but you have nothing to base that on, other then what you think you know. Wouldn't you rather have the facts come out and then have action taken as opposed to the police responding only with the intention of placating an angry mob of ill-informed people? I always find it amazing how people after a tragic event like this occurs are so willing to throw away the rights and freedoms that protect them.

    2. Given Zimmerman's race what is this, then? Hispanic-on-black racism?

      We don't know all the facts yet. Zimmerman supposedly had a broken nose and a cut on the back of his head. One witness said he was on the ground receiving a beating. I'm not saying that's all true, but I'm not rushing to typical PC judgement, either.

      I grew up in the Southeast and knew of 8-10 racial incidents growing up. All were blacks attacking whites. These things aren't as cut and dry as the media an Hollywood want us to think.

    3. Robert Lieberman you are nothing more than a common liar.

      1.) Black men kill white men all of the time. Black teenagers lit a white teenager on fire in Kansas City a few weeks ago, where is the outrage and the death row sentence?

      2.)Zimmerman should not have been arrested. All evidence points towards Trayvon charging Zimmerman, punching Zimmerman in the face (and breaking Zimmerman's nose), which caused him to fall to the sidewalk, where Trayvon mounted Zimmerman and began slamming Zimmerman's head into the concrete. After calling for help and receiving none Zimmerman - heroically I might add - managed to draw his weapon and shoot Trayvon in the chest. What type of sick internet hero are you that you would punish someone currently having his head slammed into concrete for firing a gun in self defense?

      3.) The police chief did his job and did it correctly (based on all available information).

      YOU and those like you are a tremendous problem in our society. You would punish someone for defending himself because you are choosing to focus on an incomplete and inaccurate set of details. It is not the police chief but YOU who are the incompetent one. I hope you are never in a position of power to pass judgement on someone. You are clearly incapable of exercising good judgement.

    4. If Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon - which he admitted on the 911 calls - then he was the aggressor.

      Hence, Trayvon had a right to defend himself.

      In addition, I can state as a lawyer, that Trayvon had no obligation to answer Zimmerman's questions. Shit, Trayvon has the right to remain silent even if stopped by the police.

      Sorry to all you racists, but Zimmerman was the stalker and the aggressor. His ass is going to jail and he will be getting a new boyfriend name Bubba.

      Let me close by giving all you gun-toting wimpy ass racist some free legal advice - use your ammos with cautions. There is too many folks with camera phones out there and other surveillance tools to catch your asses red-handed next time you try to lynch someone.

      I get the feeling that you folks would not survive in the slammer.

    5. @ Anonymous Mar 26, 2012 06:02 PM

      Zimmerman race is Jewish and Hispanic.

      BTW, Bob Dylan's real name is Zimmerman. It's a common Jewish name.

    6. @ Lawyer, I really hope that you are not an actual attorney. If so my condolences on your failed legal career. If you think Zimmerman was the aggressor when he was attacked, beaten, and had his life threatened by said beating then you are a hack... at best.

    7. RL,
      Knoxville Horror, Wichita Massacre,Pearcie Massacre. .
      oh, I forgot. You live in media la-la land where these kind of racial things don't happen or are only perpetrated by white people.

      Forget about prison, something tells me you wouldn't last too long on the street. Or maybe you would as a suck-up.
      As for getting the facts straight, you're a fail too.
      Z didn't call 911 and get instructed not to follow anybody. And if somebody strange is in my neighborhood that has had a lot of break ins from blacks and I ask them what's up and they take offence, guess what. We gonna protect turf.
      You no like? Stay out of my neighborhood.

      Oh yeah, but I forgot.
      You ain't never been on the street.

      cheers, pal.

    8. Trayvon didn't survive the streets of a gated community, mr attorney :)

      Maybe he should not have broken the nose of zimmerman with the same sort of sucker punch that he gave to a bus driver recently? Maybe the kid should have been doing homework instead of roaming around in a neighborhood that wasn't his during a rash of robberies? Oh, that's right, he was currently serving a 10 day suspension, so he didn't have any homework.

  9. I just hope the facts result in these premature judges getting a lot of egg on their face. Remember Duke lacrosse? LoL!

  10. I wonder if this black on white crime that was racially motivated will get the same attention? I wonder if Biden will say that his son could look like this white college student? Even worse this was done by members of a racist organization (Black Panthers). Where's the outrage? Where are the race hustlers?

  11. I completely agree with Robert. From the facts made public here's how I see it:
    1) Zimmerman took it upon himself to stalk Treyvon. (The road to hell is paved with good intentions...)
    2) Zimmerman called the local uniformed thugs to have them help him with the stalking.
    3) Frustrated by the police's all too common unresponsiveness he takes it upon himself exit his vehicle and verbally harass his victim.
    4) We don't know: either Zimmerman assaulted Treyvon or Treyvon had had enough of this creep and assaulted him.
    5) Zimmerman fatally shoots Treyvon.
    6) The police officers decide at the scene that it was not Treyvon defending himself from a (confirmed, 911 call says it all) stalker but Zimmerman who defended himself.

    As for whose property it was: this was a gated neighborhood, Treyvon had permission to be there and was not violating anyone's property rights. Zimmerman clearly interrupted Treyvon's evening and created an altercation where (a) he had a vehicle (b) he was older and bigger and (c) he was armed.

    This is the first time I have adamantly disagreed with EPJ, but I do agree that this story is still developing and there could be other facts to consider.

  12. Well put robert wenzel i think you nailed this perfect and well written also.
    I just find it curious how stories like these get blown to the proportion they are? How the hell decides that a story like this could be brought to such a degree that we have the US president commenting on it. The whole thing just seems like a mass distraction because the news media has nothing else to talk about.

  13. The hypocrisy is amazing. I understand Wenzel's point about Obama. But has everyone forgotten Abdulrahman al-Awlaki? Obama has the blood of a sixteen year old dripping from his hands. Where was the uproar then? NPR has kept us fully informed of Trayvon/Zimmerman, try a search for Abdulrahman al-Awlaki at the NPR site, you will get hits justifying the murder of his father but no mention of Abdulrahman. Zimmerman was questioned by the police and they have decided not to press charges. Obama maintains he is above the law.

  14. To expand upon what Robert said, and agree strongly with Unknown's post, the Sanford Police Department has a very questionable history in dealing with incidents where a black man was abused or shot dead.

    In 2011, the police chief had to resign after letting a lieutenant's son go Scot free after beating up a homeless black man. The only reason anyone ever found out about the beating was someone took a cell phone video and posted in on YouTube. Oops.

    In 2005, another son of a cop shot to death a black teen with his security guard partner. Naturally, they claimed self defense and their case was dismissed.

    As for racial motives, several people in that community have asserted that Zimmerman asked them to be especially cautious around black youths. Others have disputed that.

    We just have to wait and see how the rest plays out. As for those who claim that our rights are going down the toilet, what about the rights of young men to walk through their communities without fear of being profiled, followed and shot dead?

    1. Cut the rhetoric. The human brain functions by recognizing patterns. One pattern that has repeated itself frequently enough to register with many (if not most) people in the United States is that black people commit a lot of crimes. Additionally an association between teenagers and crime has been formed by many people. "Profiling" is simply using your brain as it was designed. In fact if you do not "profile" your brain is dysfunctional and you should immediately institutionalize yourself as you are a danger to yourself and others. Trayvon appears to have initiated the entire conflict by punching Zimerman in the face, tackling him, and slamming his head into the concrete sidewalk. Zimmerman did what any rational person would do in that situation. Defend his life. If you claim you wouldn't you are either a liar or an idiot.

  15. So what, if Obama says something you don't like.

    I am no longer reading your blog. This article shows your callous way of thinking.

    You report on every mundane piece of news and bullshit. However, when a black family looses their kid at the hands of a crazy person like Zimmerman (after month later is still free as a bird) then at least you could show a bit of sympathy for what his family is going through. They did not ask for this - nor did the murdered kid.

    If this were your son you would want to know what the hell happen too!

    I am a white woman married to a black man. Believe, our sons have been stopped by police more times than you can count. You have no idea the toll it takes on him and our family.

    You white bastards sit anonymously behind your computers and criticized every thing that goes on. Get out in the REAL world and experience what REAL people have to put up with everyday!

    Goodbye and feel free to censor. I don't care!

    1. Actually the murdered "kid" did ask for it when he attacked Zimmerman, broke his nose, tackled him to the sidewalk, and began pounding Zimmerman's head on the concrete.

      Get over yourself lady. If your kids act like this you had better talk them, because with record gun sales all over the country they are going to end up shot as well.

    2. Zimmerman stalked the kid. Hence, according to Florida's SYG law, the kid had the legal right to defend himself.

      Zimmerman seems to have committed multiple crimes here - two of which are stalking and murder.

      Also, his own lawyer has come out stated that the SYG law does not apply to him since he provoked the situation.

      He is done. Stick a fork in him and let's move on to the next story.

      P.S.: Z also sounds unstable - calling 911 almost 50 times in a month. A police office of 17 years even confirmed the guy is nuts.

      At a minimum, get him off the streets before he hurts someone. Maybe he belongs in a mental institution, if not prison.

    3. You may want to re-read that statute. It doesn't say what you think it says. "Stalking" is not defined as getting out of your vehicle and asking someone what they are doing in your neighborhood.

      Good god man if you actually think asking someone looking suspicious what they are doing in your neighborhood is a problem then you are hopelessly broken beyond repair. You do realize that you are exactly the type that will usher in the police state with banners waving and hands clapping.

    4. @Anon 6:17: Reading this blog requires one to be capable of critical thinking. This is not a place to come if you want to be spoon fed what the mainstream right/left has decided everyone should think. The fact that you are married to a black man has zero relevance to anything to do with the facts of this tragic event. Furthermore, everyone that kills or is killed is someones child, so again that has zero relevance to the facts or what actions should be taken. And calling people names just makes you sound silly and unintelligent. Try to put things in perspective. Calling for Zimmerman to be jailed, punished, etc without all the facts being understood, is no different then the vigilante justice so many are protesting against. Lastly, would you really want your children living in a world where a mob can decide when its ok for the state to abridge their rights and liberties? Isn't that the same kind of justice that led to the wrongful prosecution and even death of many innocent black men before the civil rights movement?

  16. Can we stick to the known facts.

    A 17-year boy is DEAD.

    The killer has confessed to stalking and shooting him - on 911 calls, etc.

    The killer is still free to commit more crimes - a month after killing the boy.

    His parents deserve justice.

    I for one don't want people to think they can just shoot anybody they find suspicious and go home - with no consequences. We would have anarchy!

    1. You are skipping over the "known facts" that Zimmerman had injuries consistent with his story of being attacked by Trayvon, his nose broken and head pounded into a concrete sidewalk.

      Hate to break it to you buddy but it sure looks like Trayvon was the criminal here and Zimmerman was defending his life.

      You really need to learn to not rush to judgement, and to actually pay attention to the facts present in a given situation. Bet you thought those nasty Duke kids should have been locked up too. Hopefully you never face a legal system that operates according to your own value system. You may not like the results.

    2. More facts/questions:

      Why does the media keep showing young picks of Martin?

      Why is there no outrage about these incidents and cries for racial justice from Jessie, Al & the Panthers? (already one wants to deal with it?)

      Why is his mom already trying to profit from this?

    3. @anon 6:39 - If we stick to the facts, then the fact is that we don't know much of the facts. Unless you are a police officer working on this case, I think its safe to say you do not know all the facts or for that matter much of the facts.

      I am curious, why would you want to rush to any kind of conclusion or action without having all the facts? If you hit a pedestrian with your car, should you be thrown in jail because a mob has decided you intentionally used your vehicle to run the pedestrian down? Maybe the facts show that the pedestrian was drunk and walked in front of your car. What if the mob doesn't care about the facts, should you be still be prosecuted and convicted of vehicular homicide so the mob will be satisfied and the politicians can claim justice was served?

      The credibility of our justice system is on display here and a rush to judgement simply to make an uninformed mob happy would show that we are nothing more then a banana republic.

  17. OK, now I know bloggers make their money from click ads, so they resort to writing sensational crap.

    But Wenzel, I come to your blog for economics news, not drivel like this.

    Also, Z sounds unstable. The dude said he expected this whole thing to "blow over" -,0,768039.story

    What kind of nut thinks he can murder someone and expect it to "blow over". WTF!

  18. We here in Asia are now convinced that American is in decline.

    You idiots are not only racist - but incompetent. You botch up damn near everything.

    From what we read in the news here, the shooter should have been arrested a month ago and charged with all the evidence presented. Then you would not be wasting precious times and money on all the hysteria.

    All I can say is you better start learning Chinese!

    1. If we ignore the coming China collapse, and the fact that the Chinese culture may be the most useless in the world when it comes to anything involving creativity, I hope that you (and your countrymen) are at least smart enough to recognize the racism that is plaguing the United States is that of blacks making mountains out of mole hills (or self defense as it were), while refusing to take any responsibility for their own actions.

      In fact it is obvious that you are either a troll, or know nobody of asian descent (not just Chinese) in the United States. The absolute largest amount of racism I have seen, and it is WELL document, is that of blacks towards asians. Asian people here hate blacks more than anyone.

      China is like a lousy version of the Soviet Union. That old phrase "if the United States didn't exist then the USSR would have to invent it" holds true for china x100. China couldn't innovate itself out of bedsheet. But they are really good at stealing from others, and working like robots.

  19. As a black man with a wife and children, I can tell you that they are armed and have black belts in karate.

    More and more blacks are armed - just like you NRA folks.

    So, don't think you can treat us all like Trayvon.

    You might be in for a deadly surprise!

    1. I'm happy to hear that. It's good to have an armed citizenry who know how to defend themselves.

      Despite what you may hear from the media, your kids are very unlikely to be attacked by whites due to their skin color. But if they (or someone innocent around them) are attacked for any other reason, hopefully they can defend themselves or others. I certainly would, no matter if they victim is white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

    2. Get off of your black power high horse. If you, your black kids or wife needlessly attack someone the way Trayvon did you will likely get "treated" the exact same way he did. It is ironic that idiot protestors all over the country are calling for "justice" for Trayvon, when he already received his justice at the end of a Kel Tec PF9.

      Get the memo buddy. You do not ever initiate violence against someone else. If you do don't throw a hissy fit when you end up shot and dead.

      And seriously, it is extremely offensive that you are so completely racist that you would post something like this and do your (very little) part to incite a race war. This case looks like its about a thug getting himself shot. If you don't like that then spend some time encouraging fewer blacks to act like thugs.

  20. Funny to read someone in Asia, the most racist place in the world, attacking others for racism. Sorry, but the kind of nonsense that takes place in Japan, Korea, China, etc on a daily basis puts America to absolute shame.

    Zimmerman was clearly acting in self defense, which is why he was not arrested. The 5ft9 zimmerman had a broken nose from being attacked by the 6ft3 thug, which was probably a sucker punch, and was on his back being pounded as witnesses have confirmed. The little gansta thug also swung at a bus driver and probably sucker punched him too, according to a cousin's internet post, and the guy was suspended for ten days from high school while this whole thing went down.

    The little gansta found out the hard way that sucker punching unsuspecting adults can be fatal, and not everyone is a victim.

  21. You clearly do not live in Asia and I'm guessing from the naivety of your comments that you've never traveled there either. When you do, you'll understand how silly what you just posted is. I'll bet if RW checks the IP address on your post it will be from right here in the good ol' US of A.

    1. So you are going to deny that Japanese bars and restaurants (often Yakuza affiliated) have "no gajin" signs outside? I think you are the naive one if you are going to argue that. You probably equate how they are typically polite to your face with not being racist, which could be nothing further from the truth. You clearly either don't pay attention when you have supposedly been there, or don't understand how things are really done behind the scenes there.

  22. What hatred and vitriol expressed on this blog.
    Whoa, America country is in deep trouble!
    I am glad I moved abroad a few years ago.
    From where I am sitting, it looks like the U.S. is on the verge of a race riot or a civil war!
    God help you!

  23. Wow, I used to love coming to this blog. After reading these comments, I can say that I now see why most people of color (blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Muslims, etc.) can't stand us white folks.

    It is well documented that caucasians are the most violent, racist folks in the history of all mankind.

    Our fear and frustration is based on the fact that we are finally waking up to the fact that we are a MINORITY in this global community. We better get used to it or start pumping our more white babies.

    Our future generations' new bosses will be persons of color - get used to that! Hopefully they will not be a hateful sounding as we are and learn to work in this global community!

    1. You are - to put it politely - full of shit. "Well Documented"? Really? Show me a single "document" recording or reporting this. I would love to see it. Mongoloid asians are extraordinarily racist. Negroes are extraordinarily racist. I can say with absolute certainty that caucasians are the most generous "race" of all time, and have given more charity to the world than any other race *by far*.

  24. Got to love that most of the anonymous comments are Pat Buchanan-esque parrots.

    Unknown at 3:23pm is absolutely right and to the commenter who said that there was no 911 call perhaps you should get your ears checked. Even the most hardened Zimmerman supporter acknowledges that the call took place. Last time I checked stalking doesn't count as self defense it's hunting for someone. In addition does Florida law allow busy body neighborhood "watch" groups to have government thug powers?

    I wouldn't be too surprised that the local government thug department wanted this to happen since they couldn't get their collective tax leeching asses to do a proper investigation. (Yet another reason not to trust the thugs in blue) Given their history with similar incidents as pointed out by Zuke Kook, this is not a far out theory. If justice is actually done (but I think it won't) it will be tainted because of the big mouths of Obama, Sharpton and most recently Santorum. For those of you who didn't get all huffy and puffy over my post I would also suggest to read William Grigg's piece on the matter

    1. NYCynic I have to ask, are you an idiot? Did you even read the link you posted? It equates a pile of cases of police brutality, and overuse of force by police, with this incident. It ignores the injuries suffered by Zimmerman in their entirety. Come on. If you think a police officer, or a group of police beating or executing someone, is the same situation as an individual getting pounded on and shooting someone to save his life then you need to think about the differences between the two some more.

  25. NYCynic,
    I usually post as anon because it's quickest.
    Z didn't call 911. He called a police # and was told he didn't have to follow the suspect - which to disregard is not unlawful - tho for all parties involved that was arguably regrettable in hindsight. John called 911 later when he saw Z getting the worst from TM.

    I read WGrigg all the time - yes, Virginia, in principle we already live in a police state when the local PD or sheriff is running around in military swat fatigues - but this time I think he's wrong/didn't get his facts straight. As did most everybody from the usual black racists to their white lick spittle apologists, that are doing their best to rush to judgement and get the LynchWhitey machine fired up.

    Sadly the president's comments were part and parcel of the mob mentality as opposed to blacks like Sowell and Williamson's remarks. While I don't much care for the opportunist Newt G, his criticisms of Geo. W. O were right on. Rule by mob along with Ocare, is unconstitutional.

  26. Santorum is saying the same stuff as many liberals, and his statement is more biased in favor of Martin over Zimmerman than Obama's. Everyone needs to back off and calm down. Zimmerman's version of events has not been contradicted by any public evidence other than the girlfriend's account of the phone call (which has not been made public). I don't think that trumps the eyewitness account from "John" whose apartment overlooks the shooting scene and who says he say Martin beating Zimmerman. Martin may have thought he was acting in self defense. And maybe his perception was accurate, if that was his perception. At the same time, Zimmerman may have shot him in genuine self defense. Given how Florida law works, you can have 2 guys trying to kill each other who are both acting legally. All that's necessary is each reasonably believe the other is trying to kill him and each is not himself intending to be the aggressor. But no one on right or left is saying this. If we want to prevent this kind of thing, we need the duty to retreat reinstituted for events taking place outside your home or vehicle and we need better training and restrictions on neighborhood watch people. And we need to set better norms and examples for our kids, on race and on violence. There is a lot of mis-information circulating. We have people all over the web posting that Martin lay in the morgue unidentified for 3 days. And yet Martin's Dad was on TV at the shooting scene talking to TV reporters the day after saying "That was my son who got killed."