Thursday, March 29, 2012

If You Shoot Someone: Shoot and Scoot

...says former cop and private detective Paul Huebl.

Huebl says you should never call 911 and that it was stupid for George Zimmerman to be a Block Watch volunteer. Huebl writes:
George Zimmerman volunteered to be a Block Watch busybody. Unfortunately many neighborhoods are loaded with dangerous predators and block watches have become a reality. That’s especially true in jurisdictions that have been dumping prisoners from prisons and that have undermanned police departments. Confine any watch activities to protecting your own home, family and close friends.

Calling 911 has become an exercise in futility because they are slow to answer the phone, those untrained civilians give loads of bad advice and the cops can never arrive in time to prevent rapes, robberies or murders. They can however arrange for a cleanup of a bloody mess and to remove the dead and wounded from the scene.

Be aware of your surroundings and the behavior of others around you, your car or home. Be prepared with sufficient training, weapons and ammunition needed to face multiple armed criminals. Criminals seldom work alone.

If you are the subject of intimidation, bullying or attack respond as your life depends on it because it does. Use your weapon to end the assault and in all but a few scenarios the cowardly criminals will flee without you having to fire a shot.

If on the other hand you fire shots do so with accuracy and a sufficient number of shots to stop the attack cold. Instant one-shot stops are rare except on television.

Once you shoot, it’s time to scoot! Get the Hell away from the danger, accomplices and friends of the person/s you’ve shot...

George Zimmerman should have left the do-gooder block watch duties to anyone else. If that failed he should have resorted to the principal of, shoot, scoot and keep your mouth shut. Doing the Block Watch duties placed Zimmerman in harms way with both criminals and 911 operators.
More of Huebl's take on Zimmerman-Martin is here


  1. My criminal law professors and every criminal defense lawyer I've talked with all have the same piece of advice for anyone involved in a crime or who is interrogated about a crime: shut your mouth, and never talk to the police. Have a criminal defense lawyer's number on you, no matter who you are or how likely you think you are to need one, and call them if the cops want to talk to you. Let your lawyer talk to the cops.

  2. He should have said "shoot, scoot, and mute."