Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jamie Dimon: Paul Krugman's New Book Will Be Dead on Arrival

CNBC is reporting that Jamie Dimon says that the threat of a double dip recession is behind us. Which means, who is going to buy this?

But, Dimon is a bit off, the threat of a recession always lurks, especially with an erratic madman like Ben Bernanke at the controls. I suspect that Bernanke will continue printing money in access of 7% annualized growth through the election cycle, but you never know for sure.

As soon as the Fed stops printing money aggressively, the manipulated boom will crash. Maybe just as Krugman's book hits the remainder bins.

But for right now, Bernanke's crazed money printing is fueling the economy and  price inflation will follow. Dimon is on top of the turn because of what he sees going on at his bank (not because he understands Austrian Business Cycle Theory). JPMorganChase is huge. It has branches across the country and has loans out across industrial sectors. The internal indications at JPM must be real strong right now.

Bottom line: It is big time manipulated boom time.


  1. Don't under estimate the idiots that actually think Krugman knows what is going on. He's a lot smarter then they are, which is why he and his publisher know they can fleece them out of a few bucks for his drivel. Premier capitalist Mike Moore is the master of fleecing left wingers out of their money, so you can't blame Krugman for wanting some of their money too. Its easy pickings so long as you include certain key words and phrases.

  2. Hey, JP Morgan made a loss of $2,3 billions in 6 weeks trading. Now that's understanding what's going on! Maybe US is not in a double dip, but JP Morgan is really gone down hard this time. Guess who's going to bail them out if they go further down?