Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Must See: Neanderthal European Union Ad

Talk about an anti-trade view of the world that sees foreigners as enemies and not traders, this ad put out by the EU, making the case for EU enlargement, was pulled within hours of being released. But Sam Bowman is correct when he writes:
The advert inadvertently exposes the worldview at the heart of many EU types: one that wants a Fortress Europe, closed off from nasty foreigners in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Remember, anti-trade thinking is Neanderthal, and likely the reason we won the war against the Neanderthals.



  1. Yes, this does betray a worldview that is common all around (i.e. that "we" are "competing" with China/Asia/somewhere else).

    There are two ironies here. The first is that in the socialist EU "we are all Europeans" and life can only improve if we co-operate as Europeans (code for submit to the EU). Clearly there is no advantage to co-operating with anyone else, however.

    The second is that in certain parts of the EU (such as here in the UK) cultural Marxism is official orthodoxy, racism is now the head of all crime and being suspected of racism (particualrly if you work for the State) is likely to see your career ruined.

    Clearly, however, pretty crude racism is just fine when EU rule is at stake - and it is.

  2. Unfortunately, the combined populations of China and India and the low European birth rate makes this moot. Btw, aren't most Europeans of Asian or Mongol descent?

  3. Wow. Talk about a "tin ear" on the part of the EU. Remarkable that a bunch that fall all over themselves to be politically correct produce something like that.

  4. What an asinine commercial. I've got to say, even though the message is horrible, aesthetically, it did look cool. I wonder how much money did it take to put that together?

    By watching that, you'd almost think the EU was at war with the world.

    Funny thing about that is the look and feel of the piece as well as the costuming of the EU woman is copied from the US film Kill Bill, which in turn was copied from Samurai Reincarnation, Lady Snowblood, and Game of Death, which were, ironically, all Hong Kong and Japanese films.

    Exchange with other parts of the world makes you poorer? Come on guys, without it your stupid commercial wouldn't have had at least looked cool.

  5. I think people are misunderstanding this commercial. Where do you guys see here any message that foreign trade is bad?

    My takeaway: the EU states will happily and successfully integrate any and all foreigners, even if they might be a little scary looking. Come one, come all to our wonderful melting pot! We welcome all comers, diversity is strength!

    But let's make a deeper analysis:

    1) yes, trading goods with other places/cultures is advantageous for both sides and should be facilitated as much as possible...the diversity of the world's people and products AS A WHOLE is a great treasure for all AND SHOULD BE PRESERVED
    2) systematic importation of those same foreigners, or more accurately the underclass portion of these foreigners, en masse to the EU (or USA for that matter) and a resulting high diversity WITHIN Europe is SUICIDAL for European civilization and our beloved culture of liberty (you know, the one near death after decades of strangulation)...thus heavy diversity of a single country or region only leads to discord, rivalry, and decay. Sound like the current state of Europe or the US?

    The issues of international trade and mass immigration can and must be logically separated.