Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paul Supporters Across the Pond

Iris Mack emails:
Back in London for meetings and to conduct another 3-day quant finance workshop - 
Overheard some folks singing Dr. Paul's praises and puzzled as to why his message of "peace and prosperity" was not catching on fire with everyone in the states? 
Peace and good nite from the UK.


  1. The Dispensationalist have been directed to vote for Santorum by their leaders such as Hagel.
    Ron Paul would pull the rug out of their plan for rapture.

  2. yeah, I second anon. I think a lot of them very seriously believe they must be raptured within a few years, and anyone that slows that progress can't be a part of "God's plan"

  3. Because the typical UK resident is much more intelligent than most Americans. The Americans that are aware of Dr. Paul's message and see the inherent truth of it are in the minority.

    1. Well, that's a generalization if I ever heard one. The subjects in the UK have tolerated an authoritarian state for as long as we have. Maybe you could speak to the different levels of state schooling and conditioning with a little more authority.

  4. "Because the typical UK resident is much more intelligent than most Americans." Don't be too proud of yourselves, now. The UK has their own awful politicans and dire economic situation looming. And at least we haven't allowed ourselves to be totally disarmed and hopeless victims to this kind of junk:

  5. @anonymous 08:53 am - I'm actually am an American and while I agree that the UK certainly has it's own set of problems economic and social, they don't seem to operate under the level of lethargy and malaise that citizens of the US do.