Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Camps Form Alliance in Kansas City

Caucus goers in both the Paul and Romney camps said they began to discuss an alliance last week, after the Clay County caucus March 17, reports the Kansas City Star.. In the March 17 meeting, Romney and Santorum backers joined together to reject a slate proposed by the Paul campaign, leaving Dr. Paul without delegates from that often gathering.
The Paul camp said they learned their lesson.
“We cut a deal because if we didn’t cut a deal we’d be cut out of a deal, and it would have gone like Clay County did last week,” said Paul Trask, a Paul caucus goer. “We didn’t want to be left out this time.”
Supporters of Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Mitt Romney combined forces to pitch a shutout at Rick Santorum in Saturday’s Jackson County GOP caucus.
After four hours of sometimes grinding debate, roughly 1,000 caucus goers awarded Paul a majority of the county’s delegates to Republican congressional district conventions in April and the state convention in June. Romney got the rest.
Romney supporters said they asaw a strategic advantage in joining with Dr. Paul and cutting out Santorum..
“It assured us the delegates from the 5th District, and from the Ron Paul point of view it assured them of a place at the table,” said Jack Craft, a Romney supporter. “So both campaigns are pleased with it.”

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  1. For what it's worth, Mecklenberg County in North Carolina just had its county convention...2 delegates were up for be nominated for approval at the district convention coming up in April. We got one of the two!!

    We Ron Paul supporters pooled our support...voted and got one of the two available delegates! The convention regulars from year's past were visibly annoyed and tried everything to manipulate the convention goers. One nominee almost broke down and cried when she realized she wasn't going to win; she later refused - in visible frustration - a nomination to be an alternate. We had a rules committee chairman taking to the microphone a couple dozen times to try to sway the crowd. His wife would frequently banter back and forth with him on another microphone to offer fake debate. It didn't work. They appeared desperate and manipulative.

    In our case, we selected a young former Marine (to be nominated as a delegate to the national convention) that had credibility with the tea party crowd. He has since very much come to our way of thinking, even on foreign policy. Our unanimous support along with several mindless tea party types secured us the success.