Friday, March 23, 2012

Ron Paul Does Best Against Obama in New Poll!

What is most interesting about this poll is that it was conducted by Public Policy Polling, the polling organization  that I consider the best in the business.

JM emails on the details of the poll:
Here are some interesting takeaways from the poll released yesterday that shows Paul is making some incredible progress across the nation with groups not normally associated with voting for Republicans:

 In a general head to head matchup:

Obama beats Newt by 8 points
Obama beats Romney by 4 points
Obama beats Santorum by 3
Obama beats Paul by 3 (Paul loses because of GOP voters)

Among independent voters, who will decide the election:

Obama beats Gingrich by 15 points
Obama beats Santorum by 8
Obama beats Romney by 6
Obama ties Ron Paul among independents

Here is what PPP said about independents:

As we often find to be the case Paul is the strongest candidate with independents, tying Obama with them while the rest of the GOP field trails by 6-15 points.

Among hispanic voters:

Ron Paul takes 1/3 of the vote against Obama, while no other Republican comes within 5 points of him in that demographic.

Among the typical Democratic voting block of the 18 to 29 year olds:

Ron Paul wins 40%, with the other three ranging from 22 to 29% of this demographic against Obama.


  1. Outstanding results! It seems as if RP would have a much easier time in a general election instead of in the idiot GOP party, while people like santorum and newt are the exact opposite.

    No wonder why Paul scares the neo-cons, the progressives, and the MSM establishment so much. He is the only guy to actually threaten all of their power bases.

  2. I have been saying this is the case all along.

    RP has the best chance against Obama but the worst chance among Republicans.

    They would rather vote for someone who invented the legislation they hate the most, than the guy that votes according to the Constitution all the time. They would rather vote for the guy that wants to give the feds "unbelievable power" to fight "terrorism" (as if their hands in your pants isn't unbelievable enough) than the guy that would use common sense, effective, rational, and CONSTITUTIONAL means to guard us from terrorism instead.

    The biggest enemy of the Republican party is themselves.

    1. But, But, they picked Bob Dole!! They picked John McCain!!!

      THOSE were viable candidates, right??

      I mean who DIDN'T love Bob Dole???

  3. Well I heard on Fox News radio the other day that Romney is the only one polling close to Obama. Who would have thought we'd ever see the day when Fox News told a bald-faced lie? LoL

  4. The problem for the GOP is no amount of voter fraud can change how the youth have come his way. When was the last time 40% of 29 and under voters supported a Republican against a Democrat, especially a supposedly cool and hip Democrat that they voted in droves for three years ago?

    If this were any other Republican besides Paul polling with those numbers against Obama, along with tying him among independents, we would be hearing Foxnews and talk radio bragging about him all day, every day. They are blocking stories like this from being out there, so it is up to us to spread the word. Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc is how we will get this out!

  5. Wild ass guess that the Dims will vote for GW Obama down to the last acorn. That's what, 30% of the vote? The Repugs will vote for ObamaLite Romney as the big govt. conservatives they are. There's another 30% down the tube, no? That leaves the independents with 40%.
    Might be enough to overcome the fanatics.