Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ryancare Is Just as Bad as Obamacare

Ezra Klein explains:
Let’s play a game. I’ll describe a health-care bill to you. Then you tell me if I’m describing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act or the budget released this week by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Rep. Paul Ryan (Jeffrey Phelps - AP) The bill works like this: The federal government subsidizes Americans to participate in health insurance markets known as “exchanges.” Inside these exchanges, insurers can’t discriminate based on pre-existing conditions. Individuals can choose to go without insurance, but if they do so, they pay a penalty. To keep premium costs down, the government ties the size of the subsidy to the second-least-expensive plan in the market — a process known as “competitive bidding,” which encourages consumers to choose cheaper plans.

This is, of course, a trick question. That paragraph describes both the Affordable Care Act and Ryan’s proposed Medicare reforms. The insurance markets in both plans are essentially identical.
Free market insurance and care, nowhere in sight. It's all about protecting healthcare special interests. One group owns the Democrats. One group owns the Republicans. Some own both.


  1. How do we make them understand that we don't want their "Help". Get the Government out of Medicine and prices will drop 90% or more. Government subsidies take away all market forces and drive prices to the point that only the Government can pay for it. Problem is quality and access goes down and soon we are all bankrupt.

  2. There are many differences, but the biggest difference is that Ryan's plan reforms an already existing, unsustainable government healthcare program. Obamacare is a entirely new program that will cost trillions of dollars on top of what the government already pays for medical care.

  3. Just for laughs, here is about as perfect a logo for this moment as one could imagine:

  4. DNC approved talking points. He has no clue what is in the Ryan bill.

  5. Why do people keep saying "the government pays for this or for that?". In every case its the TAXPAYER who pays for everything, and that's you and me!!!!