Thursday, March 1, 2012

Setting Things Straight on the NYC Subway: Ron Paul is Not Teaming Up with Romney

I am in NYC this week. This morning I took the subway down to a meeting on Wall Street (perhaps the greatest investor ever once said it's the best way to travel).

Anyway, I'm on the subway when a 30-ish black man sits next to me. He starts talking to his co-worker (they both had the same moving uniforms on). He tells his co-worker that he is really bummed out because the only presidential candidate that is any good is Ron Paul, but that Ron Paul "is teaming up with Mitt Romney."

I set him straight, of course, and told him it was mainstream propaganda.

At times here at EPJ, I have speculated that if  Romney wins the Republican nomination that Ron Paul might have some influence on Romney because of Dr. Paul's following, but please don't view this as Dr. Paul "teaming up" with Romney.

If there is anyone that is his own man, it is Ron Paul.

It's going to be an interesting  nomination/election period coming up. Interesting because Ron Paul will have some influence, someway.   Ron Paul is not going away and he is not "teaming up" with anyone.


  1. "Democracy is the worship of jackals by jackasses."
    -HL Mencken

  2. Ron Paul needs to abandon the Grand Old Pricks and run as a third party candidate, especially if his results next Tuesday show no improvement. He also needs to tell the truth that this whole system of central planning is not working, and will never work, and is not reformable, whether the sheeple want to hear it or not.

    He needs to tell the truth about the inherent nature of centralism, and that he will work to ultimately abolish the federal government, giving power and authority back to the people of the states, and then he will of course resign after that.

    (And, when the people see how much better life is with actual freedom, they will really get the idea, and get rid of their state governments as well, and localize all aspects of everyday life.)

  3. Hi, For how long will you be in NYC? Any public events?