Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Top Economist: Paul Ryan is a Clown and a Flim-Flam Man

I have to say, Nobel Prize winning, NYT columnist Paul Krugman makes a solid case:
Way back in 2010 I declared that Paul Ryan — who was rapidly becoming the darling of the “fiscal responsibility” crowd — was a fraud, a flim-flam man...So I wonder: are they willing to concede, at long last, that he’s a clown?

His latest budget proposal has received some harsh critiques. It calls for huge tax cuts, supposedly offset by closing loopholes and ending tax expenditures — except that in a long report he fails to name a single tax expenditure that he would cut. It assumes drastic cuts in discretionary spending, basically eliminating everything except defense.


  1. So Krugman criticizes Ryan for not enough explicit cuts??

    Is the Krugster a closet Paulian???

  2. Yes, Paul Ryan is a fraud, a flim-flam man and a clown. Does this mean Paul Krugman will now admit that he is NOT an economist?

  3. I suppose it takes a clown to know one...

  4. Paul Ryan is a fucking clown-Koch mouthpiece.