Sunday, April 29, 2012

Attention Robert Reich: I Will Debate You While Sleeping

Robert Reich is trying to coax Bill O'Reilly into a debate. Here's Reich's twitter chain on it:
Bill O'Reilly calls me a communist for supportiing public investment in education and infrastructure.
Is Fox News (O'Reilly, Dobbs) attacking me as a communist because I take on Rupert Murdoch & other regressives
#BillOReilly@OReillyFactor. Come out of hiding, Bill. You called me a commie. Debate me man to man. What are you afraid of? I'm 4'10.
@oreillyfactor Bill, come out of your Fox hole and debate me. Bring Lou Dobbs if you need him. I'll do it blindfolded
@oreillyfactor. You call me names but won't debate, so I should call you names (coward, wuss). But I won't.
@oreillyfactor. Final offer: I debate you while standing in a 3' hole, so only 1'10" of me is above ground. You up to it
O'Reilly won't debate me so boycott his sponsors (and tell him we're doing so) until he stops telling lies
Actually, O'Reilly has proved himself so clueless on basic economic knowledge that it is possible, Reich could beat him in a debate, even if Reich was buried with sand in the hole he is willing to jump into.

As far as I am concerned, though, Reich is a surface guy, when it comes to economics He has little depth to any of his thinking on economics (He's pretty good on political strategy).

I haven't read his new ebook, Beyond Outrage, but from the reviews I have read it's all Keynesian gibberish, so I am willing to set these terms for a debate: Forget about Reich debating from a physical hole in the ground, I would like to see him debate me, while he is standing on a stack of copies of The General Theory by John Maynard Keynes and while I'm sleeping. Reich will be destroy himself with his own words.

I'll be sleeping in made in China boxer shorts and a Hans-Hermann Hoppe t-shirt:


  1. Reich is way too scared to debate someone who actually knows econ, which is why he is challenging a glorified teleprompter reader and former gossip tv show host Bill O Reilly.

  2. Bill O is many things but his knowledge of economics is woefully lacking. This lack of skills does not change the fact that Reich is a fascist commie Munchkin who has both done the bidding of the Fed and yanked their chain many times, ultimately to the degradation of the country and the people