Friday, April 27, 2012

The Big Petrovski Reports in on NeoCon Bolton's Fear of Ron Paul

The Big Petrovski emails:

Hi Bob, 
I just caught former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton on Toronto's AM 640 newstalk, a "conservative" station. It appears to me that the Establishment is trying to quell the impact Ron Paul is having north of the border. When Bolton was  asked "what is Ron Paul thinking staying in the race?" by host John Oakley, the Bushiete was quick to note that the good doctor is probably at the end of his money, therefore about to fold. I almost drove into a ditch laughing, as it is widely known that Ron Paul has over $10mil in his account. 
In any case, Bolton went on to further diminish Paul's impact on American politics, by saying that the Congressman just "is probably hoping to get a speaking spot at the convention." 
Dušan Petrovski

Bolton is making totally outrageous statements here. Ron Paul is not going to leave the race, he is not out of money and, if the cards fall correctly, he is going to want a lot more than just a speaking spot at the convention. Dušan is absolutely correct here, the Establishment is trying to down play the Ron Paul impact, but as huge crowds continue to turnout for Dr. Paul across the country and on student campuses, the Ron Paul impact is very real, huge an can easily be seen by anyone with an internet connection..


  1. Huffington Post also reported that Ron Paul has ran out of money. I decided to stop visiting their b.s. website from now on.

  2. Just to be clear, the Ron Paul campaign raised $10.4 million in Q1. He doesn't still have all that money. They spent most of it. According the latest figures, he has $2,772,901 cash on hand.

    Obviously still plenty of money, but it's not $10 million.