Monday, April 23, 2012

Breaking: Ron Paul May Be Winner of Iowa Caucus

Writes Iris Mack:
Despite the proven vote fraud in Iowa...

Despite the fact that Iowa first called Mitt Romney the winner, then switched it to Rick Santorum...

Now Fox News admits that Dr. Ron Paul could be the real winner of the Iowa caucuses!

The Republic in Indiana reports via AP:
The influence of Ron Paul's caucus campaign is growing within the Iowa Republican Party long after his third-place finish in January and reflected in gains his supporters made Saturday during GOP conventions held in the state's four congressional districts.

Yet although the Texas congressman's supporters could have an outsized role in who represents Iowa at the Republican National Convention in August, it's unclear exactly what their influence will be on the direction of the state party.

At least half of an eight-member committee elected Saturday to nominate Iowa's delegation to the convention supported Paul in the caucuses, state party officials said. In addition, six people elected to the 18-member state Republican central committee supported Paul, whose call for sharp spending cuts and pulling out of foreign military intervention has won him a loyal following of strict conservatives and college-age voters.

Paul has more supporters on the central committee than any other presidential candidate. While the six elected over the weekend represent an increase of just one, but all are new to the panel.

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  1. Let me correct that for you... At worst, Ron Paul tied for 1st in Iowa and Minnesota.

    Via ICYMI who provided this comment: "I wonder when the AP, MSNBC, CNN and the other "news" organizations will correct their incredibly wrong "estimates". They still show Ron Paul with 1 delegate from Iowa (he'll have a minimum of 14) and 9 delegates from Minnesota (he'll have a minimum of 20)."