Monday, April 2, 2012

Can You Pass the Chinese Driver’s License Test?

WaPo reports:

If you have ever thought of cruising on the freeways of Shanghai, think again. Beside being considered one of the deadliest countries for drivers, China also appears to have some of the strangest questions in the written test that people need to pass in order to have a driver’s license issued. 
Some of the questions in the test are so tricky, our Beijing correspondent Keith Richburg tells us, people have to take this test several times before they pass it.

Here's the test.

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  1. Haha.. good old days. As a citizen of former USSR (involuntary) member state, I've taken (and passed) similar test myself. The trick is to remember these key questions, as they cannot be solved with logic. I'm not sure about China, but back in the USSR days these questions were known in advance. We had this book full of questions, but only a few were actually asked. But we had the opportunity to read all the possible questions in advance. Those who bothered to learn them all, passed. Those who didn't... they took the exams multiple times.

    I know China has some great roads (built recently), but how about the other roads? If they are even close to what USSR looked like (or in fact Russia looks like today), you don't really need your driver's license. Since you won't be driving all that much.