Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cornell Economist Disses Bob Murphy

Thomas DiLorenzo has the details:
Socialist academic Robert Frank is upse. that "Americans are in a skeptical mood nowadays" and are "scoffing at orthodoxy" and at "conventional academic wisdom . . ."  That is, they are "scoffing" at socialism and Keynesianism as solutions, rather than as causes, of all our economic problems, as espoused by Ivy League leftists like Robert Frank.

Frank is a regulor commentator in Harpers where he essentially writes the same article every month or so but with very minor twists.  There is economic inequality in the world, he indignantly announces, and that fact supposedly "justifies" the state in threatening to put you in a cage if you refuse to "contribute" more taxes in the name of "fighting inequality."  There.  Now you never have to waste any money on Harper's to read any of Robert Frank's articles.

Worse yet, Frank writes in the March issue of Harper's, is the fact that instead of sticking to the same old "conventional academic wisdom" as preached by Ivy League leftists, Americans are "turning to books like Robert Murphy's Politically-Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal."

Much, much worse according to Frank is the fact that "There is even a vogue for libertarian landmarks like Murray Rothbard's 1963 study America's Great Depression . . . "


  1. Damn Americans. They think they can go and get all educated instead of listening to what their bureaucratic overlords tell them. HOW DARE THEY!?

  2. Lorenzo is right (like always), Frank's articles are all the same.

  3. His readers have been warned.

  4. Maybe its because people all over the planet are waking up to the fact that we are so screwed up today in large part because of the fallacious ideas these alchemists like scholars sold to our governments.

  5. What a gift!!!

    This clown has just shown the door to wisdom!!!

    Thanks, butthole!!!

    First they laugh at you etc etc...

  6. Frank is one of the few people (list growing as we speak) of people that I would have absolutely no hesitation to knock his teeth out should he look at me wrong. None.

  7. Can it really be, is freedom rising?