Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did Woodward and Bernstein Make Up 'Deep Throat'

Bob Woodward is beside himself because a reporter has discovered that Ben Bradlee never totally bought the 'Deep Throat' story. Or so the new story goes.

This brings to mind a few questions, especially given Woodward's reaction to this revelation

If there wasn't a 'Deep Throat' providing leads to Woodward and Bernstein, how did they get their direction and leads?

Why is Ben Bradlee willing to go public with this now?

The  fascinating Jeff Himmelman takedown of Woodward is here.


  1. One word: mockingbird.

  2. Russ Baker's book about the Bushes: Family of Secrets marked Woodward as a CIA plant years ago.

  3. Some more Bradlee: Google Mary Pinchot Meyer - "Mary's Mosaic"

  4. Wasn't it announce like 7 years ago that Mark Felt was Deep Throat?

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