Friday, April 13, 2012

Evangelical Community Reaching Out to Ron Paul

This could get interesting.

In the wake of Sen. Rick Santorum's departure from the presidential race there are signs that some evangelical leaders are refusing to jump on board the Mitt Romney bandwagon and are turning to Congressman Ron Paul instead, reports Newsmax.

This is a huge voting block.

"I have one question for you," one of the ministers reportedly said in a private meeting last night with Ron Paul, report sDoug Wead a presidential historian and a senior adviser to the Ron Paul  campaign, "Are you going to drop out? Orwill you stay in all the way to Tampa?"

"I'm in," Dr. Paul reportedley replied.

"That's all I need to know," the minister said.

The evangelical community began reaching out to Paul almost immediately after Sen. Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race, says Wead.

Yesterday, Pastor Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries announced his support, calling for a day of prayer and fasting. Andrew released a statement saying that, "After Santorum, Ron Paul is the most God-fearing presidential candidate [and] the Republican Party should endorse him." Andrew said that "If Republicans don't give a Christian candidate, Christians should look elsewhere — even to a third party."

Christian Newswire ran an article yesterday saying that Christians like the fact that Ron Paul "opposes tyranny, would cut the deficit and is prolife."


  1. Oh well there goes our coalition with the progressives.
    Mind you are the holy rollers going to be happy with I won't interfere in your business if you don't interfere in mine type of policies.

    1. why??? why do we assume what is good for one group is bad for another? Dr Paul isn't going to change his message, and I think this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE opportunity to enlighten people who would have previously been close minded to the idea of liberty. Dr Paul can explain to the evangelicals that it is the same freedom that allows them practice their religion as they choose that allows gays to live as they choose.

      It doesn't ruin any coalition with the progressives. Are progressives really going to say, well the evangelicals are ok with Freedom, so now we have to be against it? NO, Freedom brings people together! This is exciting! Can you imagine? Progressives and Evangelicals agreeing on something?!?! This is EXACTLY what our country needs! For the people to come together, regardless of how they want to live, and unite behind the message of liberty that allows ALL people to live free!!!

    2. You have apparently missed the mixed nature of Ron Paul's support that has baffled the media.

      Although some libertarians will claim a varient of "you have to be libertine to be libertarian" (like someone who won't allow drug use in their home is somehow "not libertarian"), IMHO, that is not real libertarianism. Real libertarianism is about adherence to the non-agression principle. It defines that your interactions with other people have to be from a basis free from the initiation of force. You can create a private commune, and as long as you don't use force to get people to join it, you're effectively a libertarian exercising your right to pursue a social structure you desire.

      That tolerance for allowing others to pursue their life is what unites people. Evangelicals that give up on trying to use government force to force people to God are absolutely welcome.

    3. because that coalition will blow apart in 30 minutes, 25 to get seated, 4 to glower at each other, and 1 to start hissing and spitting. They have been at each other throats in Der Kulture Kampf for last 35 years, but don't take my word for it watch a bit of msnbc and fox.

    4. research a tiny bit. msnbc and fox has been engineering that kulturkampf. Theres a reason while its called the "mainstream media" with contempt.

    5. "...don't take my word for it, watch a bit of msnbc and fox" --

      That's exactly your mistake - you believe what the news tells or shows you instead of coming to any RP rally or event to see for yourself how actual people - Christians of all sects, libertines, rationalists, agnostics and atheists - are working together on the Ron Paul campaign. I am heavily involved in the campaign and I see it continuously.

      We are learning how to respectfully disagree, as we all agree that no one should use government to force their will on other people. That agreement is what can make good neighbors and peaceful communities, and may even help restore our free country again.

      This campaign will eventually end, but understanding how to be a decent respectful neighbor and citizen will not end with it, it will continue for many years, especially with younger people getting involved.

    6. I'm not disagreeing with your points. I wish everyone would turn out for one of Ron's meetings. Also it would be good to see some of the 'leaders' of the proggies and televangelists taken down a few pegs when the smarter members of their flock desert them.

    7. LOL. What coalition with the progressives? You mean the progressives who have been steadily smearing Paul as a racist because of writings he never wrote?

  2. Not AFTER Santorum. Ron Paul has always been the real Christian conservative in this race. He just doesn't use his faith as a means to draw votes. He lives it.

    You would be hard put to find a man of more godly character than Dr. Paul both in his public and private life. He has been vilified by the mass media constantly and smeared unconscionably by certain elements of the media for his plan to end the war on Drugs.

    What many do not realise is that his plan is to end Federal involvement, to return the regulation of drugs to the States and to free all the Federal prisoners who are serving sentences for no-violent drug offences. This is the correct Constitutional action and those who oppose it are actually opposing the highest law of the land.

    This drug war is damaging families disproportionately in the minority communities. In other words it is institutionally racist in nature has caused the minority communities untold misery for decades. It has done nothing to stop the flow of drugs into the country and has resulted in an increase in violence and murder in not only America but in those countries where the drugs originate.

    The same thing happened with Prohibition under the 18th. Amendment in the 1920's until that too was repealed. The only segments of society that benefited then and now are the criminal elements who have thereby gained unwarranted influence in government just as they did in the past. This has brought about a corrupting influence in politics, the judiciary, the intelligence services and law enforcement that many Americans are now aware of.

    Dr. Paul is aware of all these facts that others have completely ignored. He will act immediately to put an end to the pernicious social influence of this failed programme.

    There is much more that needs to be said about this exceptional man but let me just leave you with a website: Start today to find out just what a great President Dr. Paul will be. He is also the only one who can beat Obama and he will bring peace to the world for the first time in a long time.

    David Robertson
    Perth Scotland

    1. Some of the "we" actually don't. Still plenty of mindless drones out there.

  3. Great news! Great development!

    Heath, politics makes for strange bedfellows.

    The 'holyrollers' know the full range of Dr. Paul's views -- which is why they went with Santorum and Gingrich initially -- and appear to be willing to live with those views.

  4. John G,
    Those are the "lukewarm " Christians . A real believer in Christ wouldn't support the other ones.

    1. As a Christian who supports Ron Paul I absolutely agree.

    2. I disagree, I know a lot of staunch Christians that simply don't know enough about Ron Paul to be able to articulate his ideas. These people know a *lot* about their faith, they just aren't getting sufficient exposure to Ron to know his plans.

      They hear someone say "He's an isolationist," "He's against banning abortion," "He's not a serious candidate," or "He's got weird economic ideas" and they don't pay any more attention to Paul because they have "serious" candidates that they "know" they generally agree with. So they become Santorum supporters, or now Gingrich supporters without researching Paul.

  5. I'm an "evangelical" or whatever word the msm tries to pin on me this year and I've been supporting Dr. Paul this whole campaign, speaking out, changing parties, giving money the whole shabang, so don't just go saying that "evangelicals" are narrow minded. There are plenty of saub driving Obama liberals who are just as narrow as any evangelical you ever met.

  6. I'm a queer agnostic, my parents are "liberal-ish" Christians, and my brother is a hardcore evangelical. We all agree on Dr Paul.

    This is GREAT NEWS!

  7. If any other candidate were taking endorsements from radical Christian groups, I would be worried about that candidate being influenced toward moving us to a theocracy. But I have no concerns whatsoever of this happening with Congressman Paul.


    I'm puzzled and a bit disappointed that the Christians didn't automatically gravitate toward Paul to begin with... here's my thoughts on that subject:

  8. Romney better wear his magic underwear to the Texas debate, or he is likely to get owned by Dr. Paul... let me see...

    His number one contributor is Goldman Sachs (as is Obamas), he supports banker bailouts, he would probably want to continue Bernanke's policy of holding interest rates artificially lowered (printing money out of thin air), if Europe slides further into crisis he would most likely bail them out as well, if the stock market begins to suffer more he would want more QE (printing money out of thin air again), just a whole lot more kicking the can down the road... and hoping it doesnt go over the cliff on his watch.

    While were at it... he also supports the NDAA2012 (otherwise known as repeal of due process, & habeas corpus... or the indefinite detention of americans).

    Does it get any sweeter than that? He is not who we need at the helm when this debt bubble implodes. Goldman Sachs has already conquered Europe, and with Romney in the White House it is a given that we will be subject to the whims of a puppet.