Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Former Colleague of Dominique Strauss-Kahn Found Dead in NYC Hotel Room

A leading French academic who has ties to that country’s political leadership was found dead in a Midtown hotel room Tuesday, and police have not ruled out foul play, reports NBC News.

Richard Descoings, 52, was found dead and nude at around 4 p.m. inside room 723 at The Michelangelo Hotel on West 51st Street.

Some of Descoings' belongings were found on a third-floor landing of the hotel below his seventh-floor window, including an iPhone and a laptop.

Police sources, according to NBC, said investigators are looking into whether one or two other men visited Decoings' room overnight.

Descoings was a director at France's prestigious Institute of Political Studies in Paris, where DSK once taught. He also served as a financial/economic adviser to France’s political leaders.

For his service to the French Republic, Descoings was awarded Knight of the Order of Merit and Knight of the Order of Academic Palms.

Note: I know this hotel well. It is a very exclusive luxury hotel. It makes DSK's stay at the Sofitel Hotel look positively second class.


  1. As a several time occupier if the Miichelangelo, your characterization is bit overboard. Nice hotel, yes. Exclusive luxury, not really.

    1. Michael Jackson used to stay at the Michelangelo whenever he visited New York. It makes the Sofitel look like a Days Inn.If you want a top notch discrete hotel, the Michelangelo is it.

  2. if someone threw his phone and laptop out the window, it was to make sure this incident did not get the all-but-silent treatment in the media.

  3. I'm sure it can be assumed that the NYPD--in collaboration with French authorities--will harvest whatever information is on that laptop and iPhone. I won't hold my breath on it ever being published.