Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HOT: Cato Bombshell About to Explode

Is it over for Ed Crane?

Lew Rockwell writes:

I can't describe the monstrous incident, but its revelation will bring down Ed Crane and his entire posse. There will be no more Koch-Cato battle. The Kochs will be triumphant.
 For more than 30 years, Ed has stood atop the libertarian movement, or at least its big-government side. Now the Crane Era is about to end, and that means great days ahead for liberty.  
As I've watched the Koch-Cato fight, I didn't take sides. But now I have reason to believe that--though Charles Koch opposed the founding of the Mises Institute--the continuing and intensifying animus against Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, the Mises Institute, and me has come from Ed's bile. 
So here's to a better future! Oh, and let the purge begin.

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