Friday, April 6, 2012

Is Bernanke Prepping the Banksters for QE3?

EPJ's Bob English thinks so:
As we have previously written (see Breakfast with Jamie), when top Fed officials break bread with top banksters, massive monetary intervention is in the cards. WSJ reports that last Friday, March 30, Ben Bernanke flew to the New York Fed to meet with the panoply of TBTF bank and financial company execs...Though touted as a "private listening session" for Mr. Bernanke, wherein he offered "few of his own opinions," none other than JP Morgan Chase President, Jamie Dimon, "brought up the question of whether the U.S. financial system has done enough to prepare for any future shocks."

In the context of the global money printing Ponzi, wherein "preparation" can only mean more of the same money printing to prop up said Ponzi debt structure, we are left to wonder if this was nothing more than a thinly veiled threat--that, absent another LSAP or OT announcement at the next FOMC meeting, the supplemental liquidity providers of last resort will not be so keen on ramping the Apple&P 500 into the election.
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