Monday, April 2, 2012

Is the Housing Boom Back On in the DC Suburbs?

It looks like a lot of Bernanke's money printing is landing right in the Greater DC area. Joe Malcon emails:
FWIW, I live in Northwest Virginia, and was recently house-shopping. There are an amazing number of new home communities under construction in Loudoun and Prince Williams counties - dozens at least. It's like the last five years in the housing market has been forgotten.
They aren't building these days unless they think they have buyers.


  1. The new American Dream:

    "When I grow up, I want to be a first receiver."

    1. I bet you think that was funny!!

      (not meant as an admonishment :) )

    2. Rothbard taught us to laugh it off :)

    3. Well, if it's ok with Murray....

      What can I say? :)

  2. A guy at my dock here has a construction business in the States.

    He thinks Ron Paul (and by extension, me) is NUTS!!

    Everything is fine!!!

    I find out his business is in Northern Virginia!


  3. I can't wait for Washington, DC and everything in it to undergo the collapse it so richly deserves...

  4. NOVA and Maryland D.C. suburbs have noticed an massive amount of building and quite considerable price increases that have occurred largely due to large growth of population, though the price increases have now gotten somewhat out of hand.

  5. DC is in a bubble as long as the public pays the bills for the parasite class who rule over us and rape us six ways to Sunday.