Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is Newly Printed Fed Money Hitting Chicago?

Looks like the money flow from Ben Bernanke's money printing is now starting to move well beyond Silicon Valley. EPJ reader Anthony Sacco reports in:
I an insurance producer (for employee benefits) in Chicago, so I talk with HR directors and CFO’s all day. On linkedin in I have over 700 connections mostly with those folks and I was taken a back by my Linkedin news feed today… In the last day there were over 18 people with the post “I’m Hiring!” and a link to the organizations website. It wasn’t just technology companies but also traditional Midwestern companies like pharmaceuticals, engineering, manufacturing and logistics.

Can the fed’s money be reaching us already? These are good solid middle-market businesses ($500M - $2Bil) that create economic value.

As a btw, my wife and I are looking to buy a single family home in the Lakeview neighborhood and coincidentally a developer just called me (while writing this email) to tell me he doesn’t have the capacity to work with us because his “Spec” houses in the $3Mil to $5Mil range have been moving fast lately he doesn’t have staff to add any more clients. He said as of late Fall the market has really started to heat up for his business. They mostly do work in Lincoln Park, where we live…


  1. The CRB, Gold, OIL, and Copper are all lower in price then they were last year at this time. Commodity prices are not buying this recovery.

  2. Doesn't this mean its a good time to buy whatever has good future value?

    And the talk estate and high value commodity flipping will start picking up, too.