Sunday, April 29, 2012

Milwaukee Red Cross Prepared for Evacuees if NATO Summit Disaster Happens

Should we expect some kind of false flag operation/agent provocateur activity in Chicago during the NATO Summit that will result in a further crackdown on our liberties?

The Milwaukee Red Cross is preparing in case people from Chicago need to evacuate the city during the NATO Summit, reports Milwaukee news radio.

Spokeswoman Barbara Behling told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Jay Sorgi that if an incident happens during the NATO summit that leads to an evacuation of at least part of the city of Chicago, Milwaukee's Red Cross will be ready with beds, food and doctors ready for evacuees.

Evacuation of part of the city?  What the hell are these crazy bastards plotting?

(Thanks2 J M Schmidt)


  1. I'll tell you what everyone better watch out for,....they better be prepared for a false-flag operation managed by the US/NATO governments and conducted out of Milwaukee...which would cause serious damage to another city (Milwaukee)...
    ,...allow for the evacuation of a major city (Milwaukee)...

    ..and will present the opportunity to evacuate those people "into" Chicago during the 2012 farce-of-a-convention and use it as the excuse to "limit" protests at this time due to "the serious threat to our "nation"....


    RJ O'Guillory (
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  2. watch the Sears tower! The thermite termites have had years now to nibble away the foundation! Who on earth would sell insurance to lucky larry AGAIN?

  3. From the cited article:

    "Behling also told me they put the same plans in whenever there's a big event.

    "Anytime there are large gatherings of people, Presidential inaugurations, the Super Bowl, the Chicago Marathon, the American Red Cross is asked to have a contingency plan in case there would be an evacuation."

    While one may question the use of tax dollars on this, let's not pretend that this is new and unique. Just yet another way tax dollars are wasted by yet another government, riding on popular demand for security. One of their 1,000 ways that most likely has been going on for decades.