Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mitt Romney as an Absurd Central Planner

Even Brad DeLong gets the absurdity of some central planning (when it is suggested by a Republican, of course). DeLong tweets:
Yes, Mitt Romney Thinks We Need to Have More Drywall Factories


  1. "(when it is suggested by a Republican, of course)."
    That is the key.

    When Obama or Gov. Deval Patrick think we need more solar panel factories all is great.

  2. Jeez Romney really is a nut! I worked drywall install for a while during a summer working construction with my brother. Talk about a robotic task, no wonder Willard would centrally plan our economy with some drywall install!

  3. And the government's role would be to incentivize private capital, i.e. the Bain's of the world to build and operate these drywall factories.

    Watch private equity's remake between now and the election. Harvard Prof Josh Lerner has two groups working on PEU Rehab.