Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Aggressive Than a Bankster Plan (and even MMT); Call It MMP

Here's a kid that has a future as a central banker and a totalitarian.

Szu Ping Chan explains:
Jurre Hermans was among 452 candidates who submitted entries to win the £250,000 Wolfson Economics Prize, launched last October by Next chief executive Lord Wolfson to find a credible plan for a euro exit.

Although his idea was not among the five shortlisted, Jurre received special mention from the judging panel.
Jurre's plan suggests that Greek people could exchange their euros for new drachma at the bank, which the Greek government would then redistribute to creditors so they could get "a slice of the pizza".

"The Bank gives all these euro's [sic] to the Greek Government (see topleft on my picture). All these euros together form a pancake or a pizza(see on top in the picture). Now the Greek government can start to pay back all their debts, everyone who has a debt gets a slice of the pizza. You see that all these euro's in the pizza's go the companies and banks who have given loans in greece (see right in my picture)," Jurre's entry stated.

But aside from being some crazed pizza-shaped money inflationist, he's not afraid to crackdown on those who would not go along with his plan. Chan again:
Jurre's plan also addressed a potential capital flight from Greece: "The Greek people do not want to exchange their Euros for Drachmes [sic] because they know that this Drachme will lose its value dramatically," he said
"They try to keep or hide their euro's. They know that if they wait a while they will get more Drachmes.

"So if a Greek man tries to keep his Euros(or bring his euros to a bank in an other country like Holland orn Germany) and it is discovered, he gets a penalty just as high or double as the whole amount in euros he tried to hide!!! In this way I ensure that all Greeks bring their euros to a greek bank and so the greek government can pay back all the debts."
But thank heavens, it does not appear he wants to rule (humans anyway):
Despite his entry, economics isn't a future career choice for the youngster. "I want to be the director of a zoo," he said.
But this kid has to be watched, he may be thinking of zoo keeper in the sense used by H.L. Mencken:
He must be the natural adversary and despiser of all barbarous, impetuous, unbridled , fierce, violent, beast-of-prey healthiness and power. Thus he must fashion himself into a new sort of fighter—"a new zoological terror, in which the polar bear, the nimble and cool tiger and the fox are blended into a unity as attractive as it is awe-inspiring.” He appears in the midst of the strong as “the herald and mouthpiece of mysterious powers, with the determination to sow upon the soil, whenever and wherever possible, the seeds of suffering, dissension and contradiction. … Undoubtedly he brings balms and balsams with him, but he must first inflict the wound, before he may act as physician. … ”


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