Monday, April 30, 2012

The Most Serious Indication of the Decline in the Standard of Living in NYC in NYC

The City of New York is considering banning happy hour.

NyPo has the details:
Happy hour in the city could end if Department of Health policy party-poopers go ahead with a proposal to outlaw beer and booze specials at bars and restaurants, sources told The Post.

“It’s absolutely been discussed,” confirmed a department source. “It goes to show you the spirit with which they operate. Everyone is a child...

Sources said the happy-hour ban is being pushed by the agency’s marathon-running boss, Commissioner Thomas Farley, and is serious enough for one source to say the alcohol lobby had better find itself a good lawyer.
The happy-haters have no limits.

Interventionists never stop. Once they gain a little power, they dream only of more power.


  1. And I wonder which special interest is trying to purchase New Yorkers' right to have a Happy Hour. For whom is NYT trying to stifle competition? Who competes with Happy Hours?

    Or, as you suggest, is it a power grab whose payoff to bureaucrats rests in the feature through the sale of some sort of Happy Hour waver.

  2. Sadly Massachusetts banned alcoholic happy hours a long time ago. Ironic given the Kennedy presence.

  3. Reason #2038 for getting the *** out of dodge!!!!

    Capn Mike
    Abaco, Bahamas

  4. Happy hour special have been out-lawed in Ontario for decades now.


    Illinois happy hour law

  6. You should be a little more thorough and less alarmist. There are countless stories out of NY reporting that rumors of such a ban are untrue or exaggerated. Just Google "nyc happy hour ban" and see what comes up. I agree with you in principle about these people, and I was so vociferously against the smoking ban I spoke at twice at City Hall - but the happy hour story is bunk.

  7. What makes power dangerous is that it's self-validating. Once someone gives you a little of it, you become drunk with it, assuming you'd be even more so right if you just obtained a little bit more of it. Eventually, power becomes the ends and the means. Power over other people is the most dangerous thing in the world, and responsible for all the crimes in it.