Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Tax Pass from Barbara Boxer

I see where Barbara Boxer has introduced a bill to prevent Americans who owe the IRS to leave the country.

Many, many years ago, I was standing in line at the Southwest ticket counter in Los Angeles waiting for my turn to talk to a ticket agent when up behind came a lady dressed in business attire and talking on her cell phone. There was what I judged to be some kind of flunky behind her who was carrying her garment bag.

The lady said into the cell phone in some what of a harried voice, "If I can catch this flight, I'll be leaving in 15 minutes, if not I'll have to wait another hour." After she finished the call, I said to her, "You seem to be in a hurry, you can go in front of me."

She thanked me and said to the flunky, "This nice young man is going to help his Senator out and let us go ahead of him."

I looked at her again, but I didn't recognize her. I asked her if she said she was a Senator and she then identified herself as Barbara Boxer. I had seen her many times on television, but she is very short and it really threw me off. She moved in front of me and she told me if I ever needed anything to let her know.

I told her that I would like to see taxes much lower. At that point, an agent became available for her and she pulled away from the line, but as she did, she turned to me and replied to my request for lower taxes in sort of a stage whisper and said, "Just for you."

When an agent became available for me, I had to pass by her, she smiled at me and I gave her a wink (Hey, she promised to lower my taxes).

So I'm sorry to hear that Senator Boxer is sponsoring a bill that will prevent all of you from traveling overseas if you haven't completely paid your onerous taxes.

I haven't cashed in my tax pass, yet, but I know it's there waiting for me at the Senator's office. She wouldn't lie to me would she?


  1. Looks like Al Sharpton, 20% of Hollywood and probably 1/2 of Obama's current administration won't be traveling overseas if this becomes law. I've worked in the tax field for a long time and I can tell you this is totally insane. What the heck will it be based on? Let's say you're being audited and the IRS makes its final determination, is that when it starts? If so, what about the judicial process that you're entitled to? Just because the IRS says you owe x, does not mean you have no right to challenge that. This law could be very dangerous if that is how it works.

    What do you know, another of Ron Paul's predictions is coming true about building a fence to keep us in.

  2. See if you can get a color photocopy of your tax pass for me. I might be able to pass it off as legit.

  3. Its a setup for the student loan trainreck fast approaching. Poor kids won't know what hit 'em.

  4. Geeezus, I had to like, SLEEP with her to get MY tax pass.

    God, I feel so cheapened...

  5. Ask her about a birth certificate. Or was that a death certificate for Osama?

  6. RW has done it all. Every post is excellent but posts like this keep me coming back.

    @anon 8:40

    I fear you are correct. And it won't only be the poor kids (unless you mean poor as in "I feel sorry for this lot of people" kind of poor) it'll be nearly all of them. Including myself.

  7. Hahaha, this article is too funny.