Saturday, April 7, 2012

NBC News Has Fired Editgate Producer

The NBC producer responsible for the misleading edit of the George Zimmerman's 911 call has been fired, reports Breitbart.

A 911 call by Zimmerman was edited to give the impression that he was implying that Trayvon Martin was a problem because he was black. In fact, when Zimmerman identified Martin as black,  he was responding to a question from the 911  operator as to whether Martin was white or black.

The editor clipped the 911 operator question to give the impression that Zimmerman was identifying Martin as black (and therefore trouble---in Zimmerman's view)


  1. In Japan, a top level executive, if not, the chief executive, publicly apologizes and/or resigns for their company's (their subordinates') behavior or performance. But in the exceptional U.S., they scapegoat a low level producer.

  2. It's not about who gets fired, it's about whether they stay fired.

    In this country, media figures on the left and the right get fired at about an equal rate when they become controversial. The difference is that if you've made your leftist bones, you're usually somewhere else getting more money in a month or less. For Dave Weigel, who was hired to report on the Right and then badmouthed all of them in shocking fashion, the turnaround was one week, and then his former employer re-hired him. Conservatives and libertarians get fired and stay fired, somehow.

    This guy will get roughly the same treatment, but Derbyshire will never work again.

  3. Firstly I hope that Zimmerman sues NBC for a big wad of money. Secondly since we believe in big statist control of the airwaves, and "licensing" of broadcast rights, this blatant character attack and chop job lie about someone should result in the revoking of NBCs permission to use spectrum and to broadcast. Yes this would be a death penalty to them, but so what?

    The purpose (as espoused by the government) of regulating everything is to do it for the "greater good" or the "public good". Media that overtly lies and attempts to incite racial conflict is none of this, and their permission to use such spectrum should be revoked. If this were to occur how much do you want to bet that nobody in the news would pull bullshit like this for quite a while?

  4. @ Matt,

    How sad and true. The notoriety they gain becomes instant currency and publicity for the new employer. It will take eternal vigilance to ferret them out and publicize them on an online Rogues Gallery listing their dubious accomplishments. Wikipedia will have to suffice for now.

  5. It's not about whether they stay fired, it's about automatically boycotting the advertisers and companies that employ them until they become box office poison.