Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reality Check: How an iPad Gets Made

Marketplace investigative reporter Rob Schmitz went to China to find out about the "slave labor conditions" in China reported on by MSM at the Foxconn plant where iPads are assembled. This is his report:


  1. Hmm

    so perhaps the horror stories on Apple's use of Foxconn are overblown. The narrator was clear that the conditions at Foxconn are better than factories elsewhere -- hence the continuous streams of job applicants.

    The only TRULY effed-up condition re: these labourer's conditions is that they are imprisoned for 10 years or something if they try to form a union.

    There is nothing free-market about coercing people away from forming unions in the private sector. This statement, of course, does not go for those employed by the state.

  2. The comments on the video are a "Who's Who" of terrible economic fallacies.

  3. Didn't look so bad to me. What did he miss? Don't they have nets under each floor so people can't jump off the building? Maybe that was somewhere else though.

  4. No surprise that the factories are completely state of the art, clean, and safe. A company WANTS to use healthy, quality works so they stay productive. It's too much of a liability to use "slave children".