Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rechargeable Eye Glasses

Will PixelOptic be able to beat out regulators and gain market density, before regulators declare that a prescription will somehow be required for these glasses?

The company is bringing smartphone technology to eyeglasses, allowing users to change prescriptions with a quick swipe or touch to the temple. The emPower glasses even plug in so the internal battery can charge overnight.

As opposed to old-school bifocals or semi-new-school progressive lenses, emPower glasses let wearers switch focus according to distances, and can even toggle automatically for varied-distance activities such as playing golf or climbing stairs.

With a reading zone constructed of LCD materials and smartphone-like interfaces, the wearer activates the visual zone by tapping the temple of the frame and or can swipe the frame to activate the mini accelerometer that senses the zone when the wearer tilts his or her head.

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