Monday, April 23, 2012

Scarlet Fu on the Most Lucrative College Degrees

Most college degrees are a waste, but more technical degrees can be lucrative. Economics comes in first, but when Fu talks economics here, she is really talking financial modeling. This can be rewarding short-term, but ultimately your equations will blow up, like they did for Long Term Capital Management and for the holders of subprime bundled paper.

The video is here.


  1. Robert:

    Is it worth it to study economics at a university or should I just continue to read Mises and Rothbard on my own? What would you do?

    -Concerned highschool senior

  2. I would recommend this book, I heard its a real hoot.

    (his book about the housing collapse is also hilarious, since it gives an inside perspective on what went on in the banks)

  3. Anonymous -

    I'm doing both. What better way to combat something than by learning it from inside?

    Do as many CLEP tests (these can test you into 30 credit hours for about $30 each in under 30 hours) as you can to make things easier on you, most people don't know about them.