Monday, April 16, 2012

Stealth Potato Chip Price Inflation

Joseph Emerson Brown emails:
I'm a big fan of your blog, keep up the good work!  
Check out this video of a guy opening a bag of Lay's potato chips--he says there are only 5 chips and some crumbs. You should do a blog about how this is not a failure of the (unfree) market, or due to "greed" of the Lay's corporation--but that it is the government's fault, mostly due to inflation (IE the Fed's) fault!



    simple. stop fractional reserve banking and the theft through inflation will stop.

  2. While I agree, of course, that the government is responsible, I would like to see Lay's be more honest and simply raise the price of it's bag of chips, giving the consumer the option of buying or not based on information. Ideally, they can explain away the increased price on Fed money printing, though that might be too much to ask.

    What they are doing now, whether wittingly or not, is assisting the Fed in disguising their deeds.

  3. While I'm sure inflation is playing a roll, this is a little unfair. Packaging errors do happen where the bag doesn't get properly filled. If you call them, they will usually give you a refund and some coupons for free chips.

  4. Does Michelle Obama secretly work for Lays? Maybe this is her way of forcing us to stay thin, a sort of stealth portion control from the dietician in chief.