Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tyler Cowen Joins a Proud Group

Following my post on Tyler Cowen's call for Fed money printing, a friend sends along a link to a Foreign Policy piece listing Cowen as an FP Top 100 Global Thinker.

As part of the profile at FP, Cowen was asked if he was in favor of stimulus or austerity. He replied that it was a false dichotomy and that Fed printing is needed:
A false dichotomy. Monetary accommodation, but a credible plan for long-term fiscal balance.
Oh yes, always fiscal balance in the "long term'.

Others on the FP 100, include:

Ben Bernanke

Barack Obama

Dick Cheney

Condoleezza Rice

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Paul Krugman

(NOTE: Apparently in an effort to appear "balanced," Ron Paul was also placed on the list, but there is no Q&A with him. He obviously had the wisdom to not respond to interview requests that puts him on a list that mostly includes warmongers and inflationists.)

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