Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Really Happened to Andrew Breitbart?

By Paul Huebl

Los Angeles, CA—The untimely death of Conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart the night before he claimed to be releasing bombshell evidence that would derail Obama’s reelection campaign is beyond suspicious.

I interviewed witness Christopher Lassiter who saw Beritbart cross the street from the Brentwood, step onto a curb and, “drop like a sack of potatoes.” Breitbart collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the Starbucks. Civilians, cops and paramedics treated him at the scene. He was then transported to and pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Center in nearby Westwood.

Lassiter went on to describe Breitbart’s clothing down to his high-end Converse sneakers. Lassiter was not familiar with Beribart or his background. Lassiter was there walking his dog and became involved with the attempt to follow a 911 operator’s instructions to save the dying man’s life.

I asked Lassiter specifically about Britebart’s skin color and he said it was “bright red.” That bothered me because as an Army medical corpsman I knew that most heart attack victims turned blue.

I quickly got on the telephone to Palo Alto, California with one of the most respected vascular surgeons in the nation, Tej Singh, MD and asked him about that revelation. I also informed the physician that Breitbart was a known heavy drinker and was consuming wine.

Dr. Singh reminded me that wine was a vascular dilator and enough of it would turn Breitbart’s skin red. He went on to tell me about Japanese men that drink lots of wine and suffer heart attacks. It’s all too common to see their skin turn red.

The shock of the Breitbart autopsy report is that Beritbart had a blood-alcohol concentration in his blood of .04, which is minimal. Why then was Breitbart’s skin bright red?

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  1. Breitbart died of heart failure due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), something I am familiar with as my mother-in-law had it and my wife likely does too. It's not a "heart attack" as we are commonly familiar with, which is caused by blood vessel blockage. HCM patients have myocardial disarray (genetic) which causes heart muscle stiffening, then scaring, then infiltrates invade the muscle and the heart becomes less efficient then starts to enlarge/thicken and then either fail, or the muscle starts to dilate (thin... end stage) and then fail. 1 in 500 people have it, it is the most common rare heart disease. My wife is headed to Mayo Rochester soon, for suite of testing; cardiac, neuro and endocrine.

  2. Under NDAA that the GOP overwhelmingly supported, Obama was perfectly justified if he did in fact order a hit on Breitbart.

  3. Presumably somebody from CATO was trying to date-rape him and made the dose too strong.

    Seriously, come on. Evidence is important. I love the site, but this is two relatively unsupported allegations in a row!

  4. I think Wenzel has the goods on Crane.

    He wouldn't expose himself to a lawsuit, if he didn't have the scoop.

  5. He says Breitbart's "'big' announcement never materialized." Isn't this stuff what Breitbart was talking about?

    They've been releasing that "vetting" stuff for over a month.

  6. Sure would like to know how Anonymous knows he died of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Just because Anonymous has family members with this does not meen Brietbart had it.

  7. in other reports lasseter mentions another man on the scene.

    so, who is the other man (unknown to lasseter) who called 911 and "began chest compressions along w/lasseter?"

    who and where is he and why has his name not been released?

    1. He began chest compression to implant the heart attack narrative into our collective consciousness.

  8. Ask Obama what happened to Andrew.