Friday, April 6, 2012

Will Tokyo Become a Ghost Town?

There is a report that the Japanese government has made it illegal for Japanese to purchase Geiger Counters for personal use claiming they are made in the U.S. and are inaccurate. If true, this certainly suggests the government wants to hide something---like radiation going off the charts in Tokyo.

A new commentary by Mac Salvo says that such off the charts radiation could hit Tokyo, because of the Fukushima nuclear accident. Writes Salvo:
While it has for the most part disappeared from mainstream view, the Fukushima nuclear disaster is anything but over. In fact, the situation in Japan has gone from bad to worse.

Bottom line: There is no way to contain the radiation.

Even more alarming is that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other agencies have warned that the nuclear storage pools (the containment units that are being used to cool the nuclear fuel) have been damaged and may collapse under their own weight.

Such an event would cause widespread nuclear fallout throughout the region and force the government to evacuate the nearly 10 million residents of Tokyo and surrounding areas, a scenario which government emergency planners are now taking into serious consideration.
Salvo's full argument for why this may occur is here

During the early days of the Fukushima disaster, some EPJ readers with strong nuclear backgrounds added comments to the then discussion. I am no expert in nuclear meltdowns, so I invite any readers, who have such a background, to comment again and evaluate Salvo's warning.


  1. Good thing there are no electronics experts in Japan.

  2. Mike "in Tokyo" Rogers says this is not true.

    See here:

    And here:

  3. You can buy geiger counters off amazon in Japan, easily. Lots of Japanese brands coming on the market -- and the price is way down. There are Russian, Chinese, and America brands for sale:

    Lots of efforts by concerned citizens to use cloud resourcing to create maps and so on of radioactive areas.

    I think if there had been an effort to stop the buying of geiger counters there would have been a pretty big outcry.

    This is the first I've heard of this.

  4. This is such BS. With all of the environmental groups you think this wouldn't get out? Current TV wouldn't be running this every night? Friggin Amy Goodman wouldn't be running a march in the streets to warn everyone on the west coast of the impeding doom.

    It's been a year since this happened. It's a bad situation for the locals but there hasn't been any reported deaths from radiation.

    The powers that be/media can't hide everything.

    1. People like you Anonymous April 7, 2012 at 632am ARE the problem. Stop discounting everything because some 'good and honest force' would 'get it out'. Dude you're still in elementary school learning about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. Wake the F up pal. You know what you're told, what they want you to hear, nothing more.

  5. Yep, this story is a load of rubbish.

    I live in Japan - in fact I'm in Koriyama city, Fukushima prefecture, my house is only 58km due West from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant.

    If there was a ban on people in Japan buying Geiger-counters, I'd have heard about it, and as Matt D mentions, there'd be a huge outcry about it.

    Incidentally, I have a geiger-counter. I bought it in April 2011, after the March 11th megaquake - purely for piece-of-mind, as we decided to bug-in after the quake and subsequent nuclear incident.

    Luckily my immediate area (far eastern boundary of the city) escaped most of the plume from the busted nuclear plant - central Koriyama got a good "dusting". Levels outside around my house are only around 0.23 uSv/hr, which is pretty much harmless.

    Most of the comments on that site you linked to are outrageously misinformed at best, and scurrilously lying at worst - that comment by "High Roller" regarding banning the purchase of Geiger-counters being one of the bigger offenders on that site. Just absolute BS.

    Lastly - around this time of year, pollen from the pine trees that grow all over Japan is at its highest level and pollen allergy is a big problem here - the Japanese wear surgical masks to help prevent exposure to the pollen. They also wear these masks if they have a cold or flu, to try to prevent spreading the disease - it's a normal thing in Japan.


  6. RE: pollen allergies.

    They should ditch the masks and take D3 and go on a Primal/Paleo diet.
    It worked for us, haven't had a problem with pollen since doing so, and we suffered greatly for years prior to doing so.

    ... Haven't had a cold since then either.

    1. Going paleo helped me with my pollen allergy too, but cat allergy remained :(

  7. I think the Japanese people should be evacuated to Israel.
    According to some scriptures found in the sea off the coast of Japan, in a subaquatic ancient city dating back thousands of years, God promised Israel to Japanese as they are God's chosen people!
    Anyone who doubts this, should dive and have a look for himself!