Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Politician Taking Credit for a Dubious Economic "Comeback"

It's Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Paul Krugman nails him:
One real problem with living in New Jersey is that the state’s two major cities are, of course, New York and Philadelphia — which means that even if you live here, policy and politics reporting tends to be sparse. So it wasn’t until the latest budget fiasco surfaced that I even knew that Christie was running on the theme of the “Jersey Comeback”.

And now that I know, I wonder what on earth he’s talking about. Here’s job growth in three mid-Atlantic states since Christie took office. We’re the blue line at the bottom:


  1. Any DemocRATS taking undeserved credit for an economic "comeback"?

  2. Oh ya, NOW Krugman uses indexes to compare job growth differences.

    That putz. When he's claiming ABCT is wrong, he's always comparing absolute job losses between industrial sectors.

    When he's trying to prove his own point, he uses indexes.

    Bob Murphy has another Krugman Kontradiction on his hands.