Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Assange Loses Extradition Appeal

Wikileaks founder Juliam Assange has lot his appeal to no be extradited to Sweden for questioning about allegations of sexual offenses, the U.K. Supreme Court has ruled, upholding a lower court ruling and dismissing Assange's appeal.

Assange's legal team immediately raised the possibility that they would request reexamination of the case on another point of law, and the court granted them 14 days to lodge the request, according to IDG News.

Assange supporters fear that, in Sweden, he could face up to a year in solitary confinement awaiting questioning and up to four years in prison if he is charged and subsequently convicted.

They also fear that, from Sweden, he could be transferred to the U.S. to face charges for espionage for publishing various classified government cables.

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