Friday, May 4, 2012

Cato Donor Outrage

An outraged  seven figures Cato donor, by the name of Levy, has stepped forward to protest Cato's invitation to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the keynote speaker at tonight's Cato black tie event.

Mrs. Levy has sent out a scathing email detailing the many ways that Christie is much more of a statist than a libertarian.

Mrs. Levy advises those who plan to attend the event to not clap during the Christie speech and she advises those who have not made a decision about attending to not go.

It should be noted the hypocrisy in the Crane-led Cato inviting the political Christie to the event. This can do nothing but polish the standing of Cato's top officials with the establishment political elite, at a time when they are charging that Koch control of Cato would lead to political influence at Cato. You can't bring in a much bigger politico than Chris Christie.

So three cheers for the brave and principled Mrs. Levy.

One warning to you, Mrs. Levy.

Your principled voice will be needed once again at Cato, as a woman, a decent human being, a libertarian and a person with a strong and brave voice. In days to come, the news out of Cato is going to be much more wretched than just that of a  fat blowhard giving a speech.


  1. I'm from NJ.

    To use the word "libertarian" and "Chris Christie" in the same sentence is quite the folly.

    Unless, of course, you say "Chris Christie is in no way a libertarian."

    All one has to do is follow his Twitter account for a few days to see what a big gov guy he really is.

  2. Christie signed the anti-bullying bill into law his first week as governor. Looking at the details of that law, one might wonder how the hell any one with any brains and common sense could possibly sign that bill.

  3. The CATOcrats, both Koch and Crane, are telling us something. they invited Christie there, not as an example of libertarianism, but as an example of the model of poltitics which passes for "libertarian" in the beltway.

    ISIL, the Mises Institute, Independent Institute, or Future of Freedom Foundation would NEVER do such a thing! Inviting Gov. Christie as a keynote speaker shows us far more about
    CATO, its leadership, (whoever it is) and what passes for their philosophy than it tells us about libertarianism, or libertarians.

    Mrs.Levy, chalk it up to bitter experience, inform other donors as soon as possible, and go thenceforth to more honest, consistant, and worthy spokesmen for what you-and they--really believe!


  4. Fortunately, no libertarian organization has invited Christie as a speaker.

  5. I would believe her if she donated her seven figures to the Mises Institute or, at a minimum. Otherwise she's just blowing smoke. And it's taken her this long to realize something was afoot?

    1. Gary North has written great stuff on not throwing your money away in political ratholes.

  6. "I would believe her if she donated her seven figures to the Mises Institute or, at a minimum. Otherwise she's just blowing smoke."

    Yep. Follow the money. Talk is cheap, actions--human actions--are everything.

  7. It just goes to show you: You don't have to be smart to be rich. Seven figures indeed!

  8. Donate to Mises instead... Worth dreaming.