Friday, May 4, 2012

Egalitarianism and the Elites

Murray Rothbard wrote in an important essay:
To mount an effective response to the reigning egalitarianism of  our age, therefore, it is  necessary  but scarcely sufficient to  demonstrate the  absurdity,  the anti-scientific  nature, the self-contradictory nature, of  the egalitarian doctrine, as  well as  the disastrous consequences of  the egalitarian program. All  this is well and good. But it  misses the essential nature of, as  well  as the most effective rebuttal to, the egalitarian program: to expose it  as a mask for the drive to power of  the now ruling left-liberal intellectual and  media  elites.  Since these  elites  a r e   also  the hitherto unchallenged opinion-molding class in society, their rule cannot be  dislodged until the oppressed public, instinctively but inchoately opposed to these elites, are shown the true  nature of  the increasingly hated forces who  a r e  ruling over them. To  use the phrases of the New Left of the late 1960s, the ruling elite must be "demystified," "delegitimated," and "desanctified." Nothing can advance their desanctification more than the public realization of the true nature of  their egalitarian slogans.
Read this important essay in its entirety, here.

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