Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The European Stability Mechanism as Hitler's Ermächtigungsgesetz

The one world government types continue their plans for even more control over European finances, despite the crisis atmosphere as a result of what has been created in the name of European union so far.

Peter Twigg emails:

This video is doing the rounds in Slovenia. Says it all!
And a friend comments to him:

Looks to me like Hitler's »Ermächtigungsgesetz«

The above video appears to have been created last November. The one good thing about the socialists getting elected in the eurozone is that they may kill measures such as this, though I dread to think what plans they will come up with for their own countries.


  1. I sent the original version of this video to you on December 21, 2011, as a comment on this article: Is Germany Cutting Off the PIIGS?. ;-) My link takes you to the YouTube account of the actual producers of the video. ;-) They posted it on September 26, 2011.

    P.S. Their video is a bit higher quality and contains no subtitles.

  2. You could take out all of the references to EU and replace them with the Federal Reserve. Except for the geography, it would be just as accurate.