Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Gary Johnson Hate the Fed Ad

A pretty awesome ad, though I was a little confused when the text mentioned a dollar, and a stack of twenties was shown, followed by a stack of fifties. Overall though, pretty powerful.



  1. It's a solid ad but truth be told Gary doesn't have a chance. Dr. Paul has a much more devoted following.

  2. Well, my only REAL complaint about Johnson is, he isn't Dr. Paul.

    Now that RP is retiring soon (barring a welcome miracle in Tampa), I guess he's it. He's certainly closer to the flame than Rand.

    Of course, there's always this tendency to hang the movement around one man's shoulders. This is NOT good. But it's human nature to want a champion.

    I commend the liberty movement for capturing many SMALL leadership positions amongst the grassroots.

    Let's see where it goes...

  3. This is really something new. I've not known Gary Johnson to be an anti-Fed man in the past. Nor has it been a theme of Libertarian Party candidates in the past except for Dr. Paul as far a I can recall. It shows the influence of Ron Paul on the debate. Other Republican candidates have picked up on the audit the Fed theme, and it is now coming up for a vote in the House, and some GOP presidential candidates have picked up on it as well. But now Johnson has picked up on the whole anti-Fed campaign.

    It's a small step, but enough small steps can add up to a lot. The whole point of the liberty movement, in my view, is not to save American from catastrophe. It's too late for that. We need to be in position to pick up the pieces. The whole critique of the next meltdown is now already in place before it even occurs. And more and more people are picking up on that.

    1. Gary Johnson's been anti Fed for years. It is one of the reasons he endorsed Ron Paul in 2008.

  4. Haha @ 2:27 it flashes "We The People Are Pissed" in classic Fight Club Tyler Durden style.

  5. While governor of New Mexico for 8 years, did Gary Johnson ever bring up the issue of making gold and silver coins legal tender?

  6. I liked the almost subliminal "We the People are pissed" when the lightning strikes near the end. Excellent ad. Going down to the RNC with Veterans for Ron Paul, and barring a miracle will put my support behind Gary Johnson after that.

  7. The point of the ad is not to abolish the Fed, but merely to AUDIT the Fed. Gary Johnson has said in the past that he doesn't want to get rid of the Fed, but that it needs to be "reformed."

    Reform THIS, Gary!

  8. During the lightning flash at the end, it originally stated "Google Rothschild". They must've caught some flack because they quickly pulled it off of Youtube. Now it says "We the People are pissed".

  9. Governor Gary Johnson repeatedly has said he would "sign it" if "Congress passed a bill to End the Fed". Short of that, he supports Dr. Paul's bills to "audit the Fed" and allow "competitive currencies", the latter of which would probably replace fiat currency with traditional gold. Further, Mr. Johnson supports the old GOP proposal to limit the Fed to targeting a stable currency, not inflating until society reaches some "full employment" level. Only the governor, however, has advised libertarians that ending the Fed won't end "excessive money printing"; that's because the Treasury can prove itself just as guilty in running printing presses. Hence, the governor focuses his end goal as "stop the printing". And, since Fed printing absolves the government of a need to tighten its fiscal belt, Mr. Johnson would focus on ending deficit spending, proposing an immediate balanced budget that would require a 43% cut. That's the percentage of spending that's funded not by revenue, but rather by borrowing or money printing. Hence, GJ's monetary/fiscal position qualifies as very libertarian.