Friday, May 18, 2012

Is Angela Merkel Trying to Run Greece?

Stefan Gajewski  emails:
Just a few minutes ago, there was some bizarre stuff coming out of the news tickers. Angela Merkel allegedly proposed to Greek President Karolos Papoulias that Greece couple the Greek election in June with a referendum on Greece staying inside the Euro. This was supposedly done the phone and apparently only for Papoulias' ears. 
Papoulias went public with it and German government immediately denied such a proposal .
A few minutes later the office of the Greek premier challenged the German denial, and reaffirmed the proposal actually did come from Berlin. 
Nothing wrong with referendums though, but a few month ago, in November 2011, Giorgos Papandreou proposed such a referendum but had to row back after Paris and Berlin rejected the idea of having the Greeks involved in that decision. Now things have changed, not in Greece though. I'd say the panic hit an all new level in Berlin. 
Here we go. Takeover of a formerly sovereign nation, the final phase. "We tell you when to run ballots and when not."  
Next step, repeat the ballots until the result is acceptable (see Ireland). 


  1. unfortunately the last people to invade Greece when the public where anti the idea got their hats handed to them

  2. Berlin does not want Greece in the EU but they cant afford to be seen bullying them. The public story is "we want Greece in the EZ". The private story is "they are a lying, pathetic bunch of toerag, losers". If Greece goes out without being pushed, Berlin can wash its hands and go on with their game plan. Watching the EU story is game theory in action. Germany has Plan B in place ready to go.

  3. The weird Greek leftwingnut is blackmailing the world. In his CNN and WSJ interviews he is saying he wants to stay in EZ, does not expect EU to kick Greece out. In his campaign, he says he wants money to hire 150k government workers, does not care about reforms. If he does not get what he wants, he will ruin Europe.

    He says Hollande understands his position. Hollande met Obama today. Apparently, Obama understands Hollande's position. They want ECB to print money and give it to Greeks, want Germany to pay for the Greek lifestyle - work for the government, retire at 50 with full pensions.

    So what do you do? Don't pay one more penny to Greece, support your own banks and make sure they don't lend to deadbeats in the future. Ask Greece to pay back what they borrowed. If they don't pay, confiscate all Greek assets including their ships and airlines and all private bank accounts in European banks, impose sanctions and blockade on their ports until every penny is recovered.

    Do you think it will work?

  4. New French leader Francois Hollande wins Obama’s backing for EU economic growth

    Read more here:

    Who is going to pay for it? Obama and Bernanke?

  5. The news keep coming and is all in Greek.