Saturday, May 19, 2012


Paul Krugman writes:
Update: Pronunciation: It’s actually more or less Kroohgman — an “oo” sound, but slightly flattened. But I don’t get upset at alternative pronunciations, like “Kruhgman” or “Tom Friedman”.
Which makes me curious, did Krugman just learn how to pronounce his name?

The sense in which the word update is generally used is, I believe, is in the manner in which it is defined in these two online definitions:

 update - bring up to date; supply with recent information 
 update - modernize or bring up to date
So is the pronunciation of his name, recent information for Kroog?


  1. Is that 'oo' like 'fool' or is it more like 'tool'?

    1. I can't top this joke so I'll just say I love this comment.

  2. He's just trying to convince himself that those aren't boos he keeps hearing but rather Kroooooooogman.

  3. Pretty sure he's responding to Gerald Celente calling him krug-man. I don't see what he's upset about though it beats presstitute.