Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Larry Summers Connection to Facebook

Iris Mack emails and points out:
Recall that the Winklevoss twins went to see Larry Summers when he was president of Harvard,  about Mark Zuckerberg stealing their idea. Mark was allowed to screw them with Larry's blessings.
Sheryl Sandberg - Zuckerberg's right hand person - was  Larry's chief of staff at Treasury.
Summer's was also  Sandberg's thesis adviser at Harvard and Summers recruited her to be his research assistant at the World Bank.


  1. Iris,

    That line in the movie where Summers represents himself as an economic genius because he was Treasury Secretary almost got me ejected from the theater for screaming laughter.

  2. What's the libertarian intellectual property position on the Zuckerberg-Winklevoss feud?

  3. Robert Wenzel: I may not agree with you about certain things, but I do appreciate and thank you for this post. It is very ironic that Larry Summers was a patrone of sorts to Sheryl Sandberg, particularly in light of Summer's comments about female academic abilities while he was President of Harvard University. Be that as it may, I am closer to understanding Sandberg's stature at Facebook now. It was one of many mysteries to me, regarding the "Book of Faces".

    The truly sad thing about Lawrence Summers is that he has 30+ years of solid work experience in academia, as an economics journal editor, and a working economist in the public sector and for super-national's. This preceded his time with D.E. Shaw, and Harvard too. Similarly, when I compare Summers to David Sachs... well, Sachs went straight to Harvard for B.A. and PhD, was immediately appointed to Harvard professor, and full tenure in 2? 3? years. A series of gilded posts and celebrity associations followed.

    What went wrong with Summers? He had to work his way up, for years, to get where Sachs was from the beginning (despite Sachs... well, I was never able to find the title of his dissertation. I'm sure it exists, but it wasn't a high profile work). Very sad about Summers. If only there had been more ethical behavior, or integrity. Or something.

    My apologies for such a lengthy post from a first time visitor.

  4. Like attracts like.