Saturday, May 5, 2012

Long Before Warren Buffett Became an Elitist..

...who takes advantage of insider government influence, he was a pretty good free market operator.

Below, he displays his remarkable newspaper delivery skills that were developed in his youth, when he had a paper route. This is really amazing:


  1. Interesting. I wonder at the time, if he was influenced by the short lived, spontaneous political movement in the state legislature that advocated licensing and regulating newspaper throwers?

    With passage of the bill, newspaper throwers would have to pay for a license, drug screening, background checks and several day long training sessions before anyone could mount a bike with papers to deliver.

    Several unregulated trained paper throwers were implicated in throwing papers for subscribers into pools, ditches and behind shrubs according to advocates of the new law.

    Had it passed, paper throwers were going to get paid a much higher salary although much less of them would get employed.

  2. What a shame that someone so talented, in so many ways, would become an apologist and active supporter of the state. I wonder if his father is turning in his grave.