Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mitt Romney's Strange Statement ; Does He Hear Ron Paul's Footsteps?

An awesome overview of what is going on at the delegate level and Ron Paul.



  1. Who issues a press release like that if they aren't completely terrified of the future?

    Romney is scared now, which explains the media spin jobs being done on foxnews out of the blue.

  2. This journalist goes on the long and arduous rhetorical journey to make the case that Romney is the nominee. It's all about framing and setting the goal posts.

    Forget their framing and their goal posts. They're all scared.

  3. When did maddow start wearing ties?

  4. The wording of that statement sounds a lot like when Tome Woods does his satirical propaganda bit. Something like:

    "Citizen, I must remind you that I am the chosen one. Why would you vote for someone else when the media has already elected me? Am I not conservative enough, citizen? I have told you many promises after all. I will do this different than I have in the past, citizen, just elect me and see. The great Nancy Pelosi once said, "You have to sign that bill to see what's in it". I am the chosen one, citizen, so you will vote for me if you want to be a winner, because if you don't, we will just commit fraud and insert forged documents into the delegate election process and we wont stop there. I will remember you citizen, congress has passed all kinds of laws so I can illegally monitor all of your activity should I so please and make you disappear indefinitely without any charges or trial. Do you think you have rights, citizen?"

  5. except that the delegates can't be bound according to RNC rules.